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September 2, 1960 Summer Weather, Restless Kids, Not in the Mood and Almost Lunch Time

Steve & Sally, Aug. 27, 1960
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We are having summer weather now.  It has been terribly hot the last few days and the humidity is so high we are all droopy.  I have cleaned the kitchen this week and that was a hard job--washed walls--but it looks lots better and I feel like I got something done.  B has the wiring partly done for the dishwasher.  He spent one night changing the sink faucets.  (They needed to be replaced because they oozed or something.)  Then the new faucets dripped.  He worked half the night and finally decided the faucet was defective but Wards didn't have another one to give him so they sent a man out.  He had to take it apart and worked a long time to get it fixed and now it's o.k.  B wants to get the disposer in this week-end.

Desperate times call for desperate measures!

The kids are restless.  Public schools started yesterday--too bad ours didn't.  The pool closes Mon. and there won't be much for the kids to do.  Bob and Bruce sold sweet corn one day.  That was something different to do.

I should start sewing today but I'm not in the mood.  I have the embroidery done on Ann's dress and have a little more done on mine but I can't stay at it too long.  My eyes begin to feel funny.

Edna is sick again like she was last year.  She went out to get the milk off the porch and there was too much pollen in the air that day.  It makes her terribly sick--she has trouble breathing, her heart beats too fast and she can't stay out of bed long because she doesn't have the strength.  It is terrible.  She can't even talk on the phone so she is just marooned.

It is almost lunch time so I'll say bye for now.  Hope you both are fine."

                       Lots of love,


NOTE:  There was no letter last week since the family went to Richland for Steve's (Dad's nephew) and Sally's wedding.  First love, only love, as proven by the photos below of the newlyweds as toddlers!  (You 2 haven't changed a bit!)

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