Friday, February 7, 2014

September 17, 1960 The Rain, The Dresses, The Dishwasher and The Quiet

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We had almost 4 inches of rain last night so everything is fresh & clean today.  Maybe our yard will green up again for it sure looked miserable.

I've misplace your letter so if you asked anything you'll have to ask it again.  The kids were glad to be back in school.  It is quite a chore to get everything they need.  I thought I had most everything but Bob brought home another list of shop materials he had to have.  He is excited about getting to have shop this year.  It should be fun, too.  Ann is excited and happy about everything.  She wore her new gingham dress the first day and she did look pretty.  They have to change into gym suits every day and she doesn't like that very well.

B has had the dishwasher working all week but he's working on the cabinet part today.  He hasn't had any time to do anything at home this week and next week will be just as busy.  It takes a while to get classes going smoothly.  They have over 4000 college students this year--the most they have ever had.

I finished my striped dress and have been wearing it.  It is real comfortable and I like it.  It is a shirtwaist with pleats all around and I always like shirtwaists.

Things are quiet around here.  Bob stayed all night with a friend and has gone to a football game this afternoon.  Ann is at Becky's.  And I have to go to the grocery store, as usual.

Hope you both are fine."

                              Lots of love,


NOTE:  The gym suit was pretty awful--blue, uncomfortable and unattractive.  However, nothing could compare to the wretched thing that we had to wear as 6th graders.   More on that in 1961.

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