Thursday, February 6, 2014

September 11, 1960 The Big Move, The Dishwasher, The Striped Gingham and The Iced Tea Spoons

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I didn't get this written last night because B & I went to school and worked with a lot of other faculty people to help get a new dormitory ready for 800 girls who will be here tomorrow.  The women checked furnishings in the bedrooms & then dust mopped the floors.  The men carried furniture in and put it in place.  There were 50 or 60 of us and we really made things fly.  Workmen have been on the job day & night trying to finish the building but there is a lot to do.  Anyway, the girls can move in now.

The dishwasher came yesterday and B has been working on that all day.  The cabinet work has taken all day & he is starting the plumbing now but it's after 11:00.  He has to be at school tomorrow afternoon so I don't know when he'll get it finished.

I've done a lot of different things today including ironing.  Then I took Ann to town for shoes.  Her gingham dress is all done and she sure is proud of it.  She wants to save it for the first day of school but she may decide to wear it to S.S. tomorrow.

I've been working on that striped gingham material you sent me a long time ago.  The pleats have been pinned in for months and months and I finally got going on it.  The top is almost done but I may have to put it aside and cut Ann's red one.  I got a pattern for it today.

We have had two wonderful cool days and I hope you have some of it.  The hot weather just about got us down.  If it stays cool like this I will have to sew for Ann for she won't have enough dresses for school.  I have material but I was counting on her wearing summer things to school for awhile.

I must go to bed or I won't be fit to teach my S.S. class tomorrow.  When my iced tea spoons come just put them away for me till Xmas.

Hope you both are fine."



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