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October 8, 1960 The Church Ladies, The Faculty Women, The P.T.A. and The Quill Club

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Maybe my letter will be more on time this week.  We may work in the yard a little more today if it doesn't rain.  It is cloudy and we do need rain.  I finally watered the plants I put out and they need it again.  Our yard ought to be mowed over more and I'd like to rake the dead grass out.  The peonies ought to be cut off and there are still dozens of things that ought to be done when I begin to think of them.

I'm still spending a lot of time on this church supper that's coming up next Tuesday night.  I've been shopping for bargains in groceries for it and it takes some doing to keep everyone happy.  There are so many old women working and they now get into discussions among themselves as to how things ought to be done.  It gets funny sometimes but they are really having a good time.  Several of them aren't able to work this year and that's kind of sad because they have done it so long.  This thing started in 1904 and they've had it every year except one when food was rationed during the war.  It's quite a project & I hope we make $500.  I'll be disappointed if we don't. 

I sent Beulah some dress material for her birthday & didn't have time to write a letter with it.  I hated to do that but I wanted to mail the package on time.

Bob came home from scout camp with a terrible cold and a fever.  So he was out of school until Thursday.  He still is blowing and coughing but feels better.  Ann was out of school Tues. and Wed.  She didn't seem to have a cold and didn't have a fever but she did a lot of complaining and said she felt awful.  Now she has a cold so I guess she was taking it.

The faculty women had their fall dinner Tuesday night and B had a speech in a little town 75 miles from here on Thursday night.  That was P.T.A. night as well as Quill Club but I didn't go to either one.  I didn't have a car or a sitter for the kids so it was simpler to stay home.  I had been to a luncheon that day too and that was enough.

I haven't even looked at my tablecloth and napkins since I first got them.  And I haven't done a stitch on my gingham dress since school started.  There isn't much time for that sort of thing now.  I don't have time in the afternoon and at night I'm usually too tired even if I'm home.

Art Larsen's back is much better and he's back on the job but he gets tired more easily and has to rest.  My soreness left right away when I rested but I think I overdid it.  My leg muscles have never been so sore in my life.

If we can keep from it, we aren't going to do anything about a pup.  The kids keep bringing it up but we don't talk much about it.

B has gone to see about tires.  We're still using the ones that came on the car and have had only one flat tire in all that time.  They're getting pretty thin now and one keeps losing air so we're going to have to have some.  He fixed some cracks in the driveway with that latex cement and it seemed to work fine.  He's going to get some more today.

Bob came home happy yesterday.  He has lost 4 lbs. and grown 3 inches since last spring.  He gained 9 lbs. this summer but he's been exercising and he'll slim down after awhile.

I must stop and sweep.  I never did get the living room swept last week-end but it doesn't matter anyway, I guess."

                 Lots of love,


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