Thursday, February 13, 2014

October 29, 1960 Homecoming, Halloween and The Long Name Story

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Today is Homecoming so there is a lot going on.  We have been to the parade and it was a good one.  The kids always have such clever ideas for the floats.  Last night we drove around to see the house decorations and the big bonfire they always build by the football field.

The Index, Homecoming '60
It is an exciting time.  I wish you could be here and see it all sometime.  We will go to the football game this afternoon and then are invited out for supper afterwards.  We did this last year, too.  The people serve stew, a salad, dessert and coffee.  It is real nice.

Mozart for Halloween
Both of the kids have friends with them today.  They will eat lunch with us.  Then the boys will go to the game and the girls are going to a Halloween party.

The play I sold so long ago has been published now and they sent me some copies.  I'll send you one to keep if I can find something to mail it in.  Both of my books (the Japanese one and the long-name story) are still with publishers but I haven't heard from them.  If I have learned anything from writing, it is patience.  They really haven't had them long enough for me to hear--only about a month.  Some answer in 6 weeks but they are few and far between.  Six months is closer to it.

This has been a good week for me.  I actually got some work done.  For some reason or other the phone didn't ring all day Monday and I got the bedroom walls all washed and the floor waxed.  I did the hall on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The living room could be washed but I'll just wash off the spots & let it go for now.  I washed part of the bedroom drapes to see if they'd wash and it ruined them.  I have ordered some from Wards but I don't know whether I'll keep them or not.  They were on sale.  I would like to make the drapes but am afraid I'd never get them finished.  It is such a job.

B has the basement pretty straight now and it looks better.  We'll have a nice room down there if we ever get it fixed.

We knew about Eilene Cowan and are so sorry about it.  Her sister died with cancer not too long ago.

I still haven't written to Buddy & Bessie and keep thinking I will every day.

Ann's coat is copen blue.  It is real plain and real pretty.  She chose the blue over red.  I guess she has had too much red for awhile.  The blue does look pretty on her.

I must stop so B can mail this.  Hope you both are fine."

                Lots of love,


NOTE:  If interested, you can read the "long-name story" below.

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