Wednesday, February 12, 2014

October 23, 1960 The Hard Freeze, The Church Supper and Ironing on Saturday

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This is a beautiful day but it's quite cool.  We have had some real cold days and a hard freeze.  The leaves came down all at once or at least the yards look like it but there are still lots on the trees.  They are drying though and will soon be down.  We haven't even been to the lake to see the leaves and I guess we won't get to go.

I went to a meeting of Pen Women last Sunday afternoon and when I got home I had to fix food to take to the church.  It was a beautiful day and would have been a nice day to go for a long ride. 

I spent most of Monday working on the written report of our church supper.  B has been gone a lot this week and all of us have had extra things to do so the week has gone fast.  I haven't had time to iron this week at all so I am going to do some this afternoon.  Imagine ironing on Saturday afternoon!  Ann stayed all night with a friend last night.  I had to get her at 9:00 this morning so we could get to a piano class at 9:30.  Then we went to Bloomington and got her a winter coat.  The weather changed from hot to cold overnight and no one seemed to be ready for it.  Her old coat is about 6" too short.  Bob has to have one too although  he can squeeze into the old one.  It looks awful though because it has a patch on it, it's too little and it is practically worn out.

I must get going with my ironing so will say bye for now."

                    Lots of love,


NOTE:  Below,  the quintessential 1960 church supper dish:

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