Sunday, February 9, 2014

October 2, 1960 A Load of Dirt, A Twisted Back and A Pretty Miserable Cake

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm late again, as usual.  I have spent most of this week working in the yard during the day.  We got a load of dirt Tuesday and I started digging out iris before that.  We all worked late Tuesday night.  B & Bob hauled dirt & I raked it out.  We put it around the foundation & then I replanted things.  They would haul dirt at noon to keep up with me.  By Thurs. I was so sore I could hardly move but am just a little stiff now.  We worked out again today & still have quite a lot of dirt to use up.  We put some evergreens around our front porch and it looks nice.  I want to plant a little ground cover around the evergreens to keep grass out of them & that should finish the front.

Bob is out camping with scouts this week-end so we took Ann to a football game tonight.  There have been several meetings at school this week.  Art Larsen twisted his back last Sunday so he hasn't been able to come to school much this week.  B has been pretty busy doing the work for both of them.

Did you mention Thanksgiving to Buddy & Bessie?  I wish you would come.

The weather is wonderful but cold.  The furnace has been running the last few days.

Ann seems quite grown up now that she is in the fifth grade.  She has been baking a lot lately.  If she runs out of anything to do she makes cookies or a cake mix & does a good job too.  She tried a cake from scratch one day & it was a pretty miserable looking thing but B ate it.

This isn't much letter but I'd better go to bed.  I haven't even looked at my S.S. lesson."

              Lots of love,



"Well, I still haven't mailed this and it is almost supper time.  I have been to a tea at school--for Freshman girls and had to stay all afternoon.  Bob came home from camp happy but about sick.  He has a terrible cold.  B has had one and Bob probably caught it from him and sleeping out didn't help any.

Ann is making another cake.  Come over and we'll have some cake & coffee.  I'm going to do more yard work before dark if I can."




  1. Hi Ann,

    So lovely to meet you! What an interesting idea for a blog! I enjoyed reading your current post and am wondering if you still love to bake all those sweet treats! Hmm. Better go and find out and see if there's any left for me!:-D

    Have a wonderful week!


  2. Hi! I still love to bake and cook...and try not to eat too many goodies at once:-)

    Thank you so much for writing and for those great colorful images! Just beautiful!

    Best wishes to you as well! Ann


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