Tuesday, February 11, 2014

October 16, 1960 The Flowers, The Basement and The Full Week

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I guess our wonderful weather is about over for today has been cool and cloudy.  Rain is supposed to come but it hasn't started.  Our back yard is prettier right now than it has been all summer.  The mums are blooming, & the petunias.  Then there is a big pink cosmos that is just full of blooms besides the marigolds.  I always hate to see them freeze.

B has worked in the basement all day long and is still at it.  He's getting ready to move his workbench so it will be out of the way if we ever get started on the basement.

Bob has a friend with him this week-end.  His folks had a meeting in Chicago so he'll stay till they get home tonight.  I wanted to go to the lake last night for a wiener roast but the kids didn't want to.

I'm glad Beulah like the material.  I had a nice letter form her but haven't had a chance to write her.

This has been a full week.  Monday was teachers' meeting day so the kids were home all day.  I did the ironing and went to bed real early.  I left home before 8:00 Tuesday morning because that was the day for our big supper.  Everyone really pitched in and worked and we made $469.40 which made us real happy.  I have to make a brief report at S.S. tomorrow and then write a report in our record book.

I was supposed to go to a tea on Wed. afternoon but I was too tired to do anything so I just stayed home.  I did go to one Thursday, though and then Quill Club that night.  I'm going to a Pen Women luncheon meeting at noon tomorrow and then we'll all go to a church potluck tomorrow night.  Our minister is going to tell about his trip to the world conference of Christian churches in Scotland that he attended.

Hope you both are fine."



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