Monday, February 17, 2014

November 26, 1960 The Loveliest Weekend, The Fancy Dinner and The Xmas Cards

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We have had the loveliest week-end.  The weather has been like spring.  The grass is even getting greener.  We have stayed at home and worked all week-end but it has been so nice to get to stay home.  B has the water heater moved and part of the lights in the basement.   Now he'll have to wait till Wards gets more fixtures before he can finish but he says it won't take long to put them in.

We had a fancy dinner all by ourselves on Thanksgiving day.  I fixed a small turkey with the trimmings and we enjoyed it.  The kids said they were going to eat till the candles burned down but they didn't last that long.  Did you go to Beulah's for Thanksgiving?   I had a letter from Charlotte and I thought she said they were going to your house.

How is Beulah?  Charlotte said she worried about her so much.

Edna is about all right again.  She can get out now and has stopped taking medicine.  They think they will have to buy a house in some pollen free place and she will go there in the summer.  I can't see that it would be a very good way to live with Woody working here during the summer.  They are going to California late this winter.  His vacation has to be in winter but it really wouldn't surprise me if they left here one of these days.

Granny Watterson is as well as usual.  She complains a lot and she & Toni scrap like everything.  She says she's going to Arizona a while in December.  I hope she does.  It would be good for all of them.

I have part of my Xmas cards bought but haven't started addressing them.  I usually do that during Thanksgiving week-end but have fooled away the time.

This isn't much letter but I'll stop so I can get it mailed."

                      Lots of love,


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