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November 19, 1960 The Quiet, The Flute, The Clarinet and The Pen Women

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Things are quiet around here for a minute so I'm going to try to write some letters.  I wrote to Charlotte yesterday and hope to get a short letter off to Beulah & Bessie.  Bob has gone to the barber shop.  He hates to go so badly because he always has to wait so long.  Since he practices basketball every afternoon he doesn't have much time anymore.

Ann has gone to a piano workshop but I didn't have to go this time.  After Thanksgiving she is going to start taking lessons on her flute.  I wasn't too thrilled about it because I know what another half hour of practice will mean but she wanted to take so badly.  Bob is doing real well on his clarinet but his teacher told us he had to have a better instrument so we have ordered one.  He goes to school early twice a week for extra help on his instrument.

B is working at school this morning.  The office is closed but he and Art Larsen both have to go on Sat. to catch up sometimes.  He wants to get the basement wiring stuff this afternoon if he can and start on that.  The contractor came Thurs. night and looked around.  We're almost afraid to hear his bid.  We hope to do a lot of the work ourselves but want to have the ceiling & partition done.  Then we are talking about cabinets for the end of the kitchen.  But we'll just have to wait & see what the contractor says.

We had some beautiful days this week.  Sunday was real warm & we cleaned up the yard.  Granny Watterson spent Monday with me so I could fix a dress for her.  It took all day.

I've hardly thought about Christmas shopping but I did buy a few cards this week.  I'll have to mail the ones to Japan soon.

I went to a Pen Women workshop for a while yesterday afternoon.  It is an all day affair but I never go for the whole day.  I had been working on a Children's Day program and I wanted some help with it so took that.  I want to send it to Bethany Guide for the editor told me to send anything else I had when he bought the play.  Bethany Guide is a teachers' magazine that comes out once a month.  Our church subscribes for us.  The church is going to get extra copies of the last issue so they can keep my play in case they want to use it sometime.  After I get this article off in the mail I don't think I'll write anything more till after Xmas.

I'm going to Lacon, Ill. tomorrow to a Pen Women meeting.  I'll be gone all day & really hate to leave on Sunday but I can't go to the meetings very often & do have a chance to go this time.

I guess we'll stay home & work on Thanksgiving.  B will have Fri. too & plans to spend the time in the basement.  Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving."

                  Lots of love,


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