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November 13, 1960 The First Snow, The Election of J.F.K., The Stamps and The Play

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Our winter has started.  We had our first snow this week but it is all gone now.  We never did get the yard all cleaned up and it isn't likely that we will get it done now.  I hate to leave the iris without cutting off the tops because the iris borer lays its eggs on the old tops and they can ruin the clump the next summer.

Things have been pretty busy around here but I've had a little more daytime at home.  Ann has been working on the stage crew for the children's theater and has stayed after school for that.  Bob practices basketball every evening till dark so everyone is busy at something.  Bob has more homework too than he has ever had.

I had a nice letter from Bessie but they can't come for Thanksgiving.  Buddy was taking a week off beginning Nov. 14 but they have a big Eastern Star installation and are busy with that.  Perhaps she told you she is to be installed as Worthy Matron and Buddy as Worthy Patron.  That is really something.  I wish you could still come to be with us Thanksgiving.  We are invited out but I said you might come.  We really don't want to accept but will if you don't come.

B and I voted before 8:00 (on Tuesday) in the morning and had to stand in line a long time.  It was a cold, rainy day but people turned out in droves.  I think everyone felt this was the most important election the U.S. ever had.  I think too, that the results show the people are finally looking at the individual candidates rather than the party when they vote.

Illinois elected one republican (Carpentier, Sec. of State) because he has done such a good job but they elected a democrat for governor.  I am not afraid of Kennedy's religion and any president now will need special guidance from God and I just pray that he gets it.  We went to Larsen's for supper Tuesday night.  There were 16 of us and we watched T.V. over there till midnight.  Then I stayed up till 3:00 A.M. watching at home.  Nixon's speech was very nice and he certainly made a nice appearance but Lodge was so snarly & arrogant.  I felt so sorry for Mrs. Nixon.  She was really heartbroken.

Bob was happy about the stamps.  They were real nice and his only comment was "Wow".

He and B have gone to Carbondale, Ill. with the president & his son to a football game.  Bob & Chip (his real name is Robert) are good friends & have been doing a lot of things together.  They are in the same room at school.

I am going to a Y.W.C.A. luncheon today and Ann will be alone for awhile.  Then we're going after some boots.  The snow made us realize we'd better get some.

The play I sold this summer is in the Nov. issue of Bethany Guide.  I got my magazine on Sunday & it was in it.  I don't suppose they will send me any extra copies or I would have them by now.  If I should get some I'll send you one.  I haven't heard about my books.  The publishers still have them.

I must get dressed.  It will soon be time to go to school."

                   Lots of love,


Watch election coverage below:

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