Thursday, February 20, 2014

December 31, 1960 The Last Day, The Little Screws and The Matrix Shoes

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It doesn't seem like this could be the last day of 1960.  Time goes so fast--even for the children.  Ann could hardly believe today was Sat. already.  Although B has had to work this week we have enjoyed it.  We didn't have to go anywhere and he didn't rush every minute.  We have had some time to read and all of us could watch television together.  I've worked a little on my cross stitched dress but it goes slowly.  We are all staying at home together tonight.  The kids want to stay up till midnight but I don't know whether I can last or not.

We still have some cream left but that's about all, of the things you gave us.  Bob was sure happy when he found out you had put some of your fudge in a box.  He had scolded me for not getting some.  The liver was simply delicious and there was only one scrawny piece left from one meal and I cooked the whole package.  I rolled it in flour & browned it fast in hot grease.  Then I turned the heat low & cooked it 15 minutes.  I added sliced onions the last part of that & they sort of steamed done.  It sure was good.  How did the ground stuff turn out?  I started to say giblets but I guess that isn't the word.

We can't find the little screws for you, Daddy.  We have looked several places but no. 4's are the smallest anywhere and B even went to a wholesale hardware where he can usually find anything he needs.

We never did finish our conversation about your shoes, Mother.  I saw some Matrix shoes today in a window that looked nice.  They had a Cuban heel and were $17.95.  They were pumps.  Then there was a toeless, tie shoe--very pretty.  I don't know what sizes they would have but I'd ask if you want me to.

We've had Xmas cards & letters all week--some from Japan.  I've been trying to answer some of them & I wrote to Ruth, too. 

I wish we could all have dinner together tomorrow like we did last Sunday.  It's going to be hard to get to S. School tomorrow but I guess I'll make it."



NOTE:  Be sure and come back tomorrow to begin reading Bonnie's first "novel", posted in its entirety over the next few days before the letters resume.  Happy New Year!

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