Wednesday, February 19, 2014

December 11, 1960 Shopping and Parties, Teas and Programs, Roasted Caterpillars and Cranberry Salad

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The day is gone and I'm just getting to my letter.  B and I left early this morning to get some shopping done.  It is the first chance we have had and we had pretty good luck.  It won't take me long to finish up.

This week has been hectic.  There has been something extra every day until today.  Larsens started their coffees this week and we helped two afternoons with those.  Helen Brown and I had a luncheon on Wednesday.  Quill Club Xmas party was Thursday night and we helped chaperone a party at school last night.

Next week should be about the same.  There are two programs at school and I want to go to both of them for the children are in them.  By next week we should be able to tell you just when we'll be home.  The weather probably won't get too bad by then.  We have had a little snow but not enough to cover the ground.

Our potluck group has a party tomorrow night.  I have to take the salad & will take a cranberry one.  We always exchange white elephants.  I think I'll take the old ice-cream freezer for one present & the roasted caterpillars they gave me for my birthday for the other present.  We always have lots of fun over the silly presents.

I have made a few cookies and will try to get some more made to bring home.

We're expecting Edna & Woody any minute so I'd better say bye."

                           Lots of love,



  1. Roasted Caterpillars??? The mind boggles :-)

  2. I am so happy to hear from you!

    The caterpillars were given to Mom as a joke for her birthday. They came in a small flat can, smaller than a tuna fish can. She never opened it, but she soaked corn-curls (a crisp snack sort of like Cheetos)in water to make them look squishy and swollen, and put them on a party tray as an appetizer, claiming they were the caterpillars. She and the potluck group had a good sense of humor:-)

  3. I too was wondering about those roasted caterpillars - but have now seen your comment above. Brenda Lee - 1960, gosh how time flies when you are having fun. I always liked her voice.

    1. I wonder if anyone really ever served that can of caterpillars! 1960 seems like a long time ago doesn't it?! Merry Christmas!


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