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August 6, 1960 The Old Groove, The Bears, The Fish, The Walls and The Weeds

Our old Plymouth, ready to head back home
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Well, we're back in the old groove again and trying to get a few things done.  The telephone started ringing as soon as we got home.

We did have a wonderful trip and will bring our pictures when we come.  We are waiting for one more roll to come and B is afraid he ruined most of it.  He did something wrong as he took it out of the camera--hurrying of course.

We camped most of the time and the kids really got a kick out of the bears in Yellowstone.

That is the only place we saw them but they cleaned the garbage cans there every morning and evening.

Our last day at Yellowstone was the best for the kids.  We rented a boat and went fishing.  In less than two hrs. we had our limit (3 a piece) so we had fish for lunch.  They are big cut throat trout--a cross between salmon and trout and very good.  The meat is like pink salmon.  We couldn't make a dent in the fish so we gave half away raw and then gave more than half of the fried ones to some other campers.

I called Mildred the night we got into Los Angeles and then we went out to see them the next afternoon.  We had planned to stay just a little while but she had supper ready for us and then insisted we come back another day.  So we spent another day with them & a night.  They took us sight-seeing during the day & that night people started coming to see us.

Knotts Berry Farm, panning for gold (Bob,left, Bonnie watching, Ann, right)
She had called different ones.  Doris & Harry came, Reuben & his wife, Esther & her family, Ruby Perkins & her husband, Fannie & Everett's little boys, John Perkins was there on business so he came over and then some of Mildred's friends.  We enjoyed it all but they can have California.  It is too dry for me.

We were glad to get home and so glad to have your letters.  Most of the dead elms in our neighborhood were cut while we were gone & things looked a little bare.  There are still two and lots more over town.

Bob was happy about the stamp.  He didn't have it.  Don't worry about Ann's knitting.  She hasn't missed it & will get it when we come.  She has been too busy swimming to think of much else.

I got my check for my play--$20.00 and both of my books back.  I haven't even thought about them since I got home.  There is too much to do now.

I washed the bathroom walls one day and ironed two days.  I'm still behind with the ironing but plan to start the bedroom walls next week.  There are still plenty of weeds to pull.  We did get the grass out of the bricks in the patio and put weed killer on it.  Then I swept in more sand so it looks pretty nice now.  I want to start sewing for Ann soon.  Every day or two I get a little more cross-stitch done on her dress but I've a long way to go.

Our tablecloths came and they are nice but they sent the wrong thread.  They sent colors (pinks, blues) so I sent it back but haven't heard from them yet.

I must stop and take a bath.  I'm going to a luncheon and have to fix some lunch for B & the kids."

                     Lots of love,


 NOTE:  Among our favorite souvenirs from this trip are rugs, now threadbare, and a native clay pot.

The bears were memorable, particularly for removing a cherry pie from our cooler. 


  1. The Plymouth replaced the old Hudson. It had push buttons on the steering column to change gears and -as you can see- huge fins in the back. Two tone green. No a/c in those days.

  2. Dear Lady, it's so gratifying to read these old letters, thank you! I enjoy reading and my brain processes the images as if they be memories of myself. Your post is as cool breeze to my mind. Thank you.

  3. Thank you, Rosy! What a sweet comment! I hope you enjoyed seeing the American west in those old photos and I thank you for writing.

  4. What a great story and photo's, I enjoyed reading about this trip. Was the "Ann" referred to several times you Ann? Thanks for posting this again.

    1. Yes, anytime there is "Ann" in my mother's letters, it's me for better or worse:-) Glad you enjoyed this letter and thanks so much for your comment.

    2. And me with the string of fish:-)


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