Tuesday, February 4, 2014

August 20, 1960 A Little Ride, Four Skeins, A Big Birthday and A Wedding

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm not sure this will make sense for the kids have T.V. on.  Becky is here with Ann and Bruce is upstairs with Bob.  We have been out for a little ride.  It rained today and everything is so pretty and clean.  I had to go get some more black embroidery thread for I've used the four skeins I bought at Cowan's and I'm not half finished with the work on our checked dresses.  I got the thread for your tablecloth yesterday.  I had begun to think I was going to have to write about it.

Ann really had a big birthday.  She was so excited when she got your package.  I'm going to try to get it made next week.  But as she said, "You weren't supposed to send her anything."  We bought her clothes for school.  That is what she wanted and I guess it shows how she is growing up.  Six of her friends came for supper and a party.

We are going to a wedding tomorrow but Bob is going to Bruce's.  B hopes he can leave the office at noon Fri. and we'll start home as soon as we can but don't worry if we are late getting there.  If someone came into the office with a problem B would have to stay until things were settled.  That happens often.  Anyway we'll be there and stay with you Fri. night.

Ann had a letter from Beulah.  She sent her some money and Ann was happy about that.  I hope we get to see them on Saturday.

I got a permanent yesterday.  My hair grows so fast.

We'll be seeing you soon.  It seems like a long time since we were home."

                 Lots of love,


NOTES:  Mom had taken on a couple of major embroidery projects.  One, a tablecloth and set of 8 napkins, and the other was cross-stitching an intricate, large border pattern on black gingham dresses for each of us.  This went on for weeks and weeks given that a full skirt required a significant amount of fabric each.  I wish I still had one of the dresses, but as was the practice, all of our outgrown clothes were given away since, as Mom always said, "There is so much need out there."

Friday night TV usually meant Rawhide

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