Monday, February 3, 2014

August 13, 1960 4 Girls for Supper, A Friend Last Night, 3 Weddings and 7000 Miles

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Another week almost gone!  They go by so fast I can't keep up.  It seems like I haven't done much this week except cook and wash dishes.  Ann had 4 girls for supper & all night in the tent on Monday night.  Larsens were here for supper Tues. night and Bob had a friend last night and he will be here for lunch.  We had promised the kids last spring that they could have some friends to sleep in the tent but the weather was so bad there wasn't a chance to do it before vacation.  It made us want to go camping again when they put up the tent.

We are having wonderful cool weather now and I guess you are too.  I worked in the yard a long time yesterday but there are still lots of weeds.

I did finally get my ironing caught up and have worked on Ann's checked dress a little.

I have a jacket dress that I think I'll wear to Steve's wedding.  It is a rayon print--sort of dark olive green and really an all season dress.  I bought it last winter but wore it to a tea in late spring.

This is Saturday.  I didn't get finished yesterday.

If I wear a hat it will be a little one.  I imagine there will be both summer & fall clothes there especially if it is hot.  I'll probably have to leave off my jacket.

Yesterday was summer graduation and the faculty scattered in all directions for vacations.  It made us want to go, too.  We didn't see a single accident while we were gone and we rode almost 7000 miles.

We still plan to come for the wedding unless something comes up.  If we don't get to leave here till after 5:00 on Friday it will be pretty late before we get there.

We have three wedding invitations for the next three weekends.  B's secretary gets married next week-end and we'll go to that in LaSalle but the other one is a teacher in Springfield, Ill. and we don't plan to go.  That's Labor Day week-end and we'd like to be free that week-end.

Our school doesn't start until Sept. 14 so the kids still have lots of time.

I have started cross-stitching on my gingham dress.  I'd like to get it done enough so I could see if I have enough material.  I put a lot of material into Ann's skirt.  It isn't done but I got enough embroidery on it to cut the skirt.

Hope you both are fine."

                     Lots of love,


NOTE:  A few more slides from vacation below:


  1. So true! That's how I feel about months a lot of the time as well, not just weeks. January, even with a bit of a rocky start (I had a nasty cold that wouldn't let up and Annie was recouping from her surgery), it still flew by almost alarming quickly.

    Hopefully February will prove to be a wee bit slower at least. Winter got a second wind here and we've been getting hit with icy temps and lots of new snow over the past few days, so it may be freezing Valentine's Day for us this year.

    Those dresses are really charming!!! I don't usually wear or feel particularly drawn to 1960s styles for my own wardrobe too much, but the one key exception is early 60s dresses like this which were immensely feminine and still retained many late 50s characteristics.

    Big hugs & happy start of February wishes, dear Ann!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Hi Jessica! Thanks so much for writing! The letters are moving out of your beloved era now:-)


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