Sunday, January 19, 2014

May 6, 1960 A Little Soft, A Little Spell, A Little Eavesdropping and A Private Line

 Dear Mother & Daddy, 

"I hope this letter will not be so slow as the last.  Seems like our mail gets fouled up pretty often here.  B got a birthday card a week late that was mailed  in Normal.

I hope both of you will have a nice Mothers' Day.  It looks like your package may be late too but it is ready to mail today.

It is cold and rainy today and is to be colder tomorrow.  We worked in the yard last Sunday afternoon and hoped to some this weekend but it looks like we won't get to.  I have tried to dig grass out of the peonies so the lawn mower won't have to go so close but that is really hard work.  I am so soft this spring I can't dig long and haven't had enough chances to work in the yard to toughen up.  My tulips are beautiful and the iris are starting to bloom.  Lilacs are out in the neighborhood and the apple tress are blooming.  I love spring and I wish it would stay warm for a few days.

Ann was home for a couple of days with an upset stomach but went to school feeling fine today.

Granny is back.  She loved Arizona but developed a sore spot on her chest that scared her so badly she came back to the Dr.  She was afraid of cancer but it was only an abscess.

Etta had a little spell of some kind the other day & I guess it was another little stroke.  She is going to sell her furniture & stay in the nursing home.  She will never be able to cook & take care of a house again but does pretty well in the home.  It is pitiful.

We have given up completely on the piano business.  The tuner is here now and is going to work our piano over.  He told me he could put in all new strings sometime and we'd have a better piano than a spinet could ever be so we'll just keep this one.

Our Faculty Women's Dinner was Wed. night & I had to take reservations for it.  Everyone waits till the last minute so I was on the phone all day Tuesday.  Even B said he'd be glad when it was over.

We finally got a private telephone line after waiting 5 years for it.  Our number is the same.  There were only 4 parties on our line but some kept students and someone eavesdropped and that won't work very well when school business has to be discussed sometimes.

Bob is going to stay all night with a friend tonight.  Ann hasn't thought about it or she'd be wanting someone here.

The Senior play (high school) is tonight & I'd like to go but we have had so much to do this week we want to stay home, too.  I've hardly seen B.  He has had to go to lunch with campus visitors twice this week & was supposed to go again today but he said, "No".  He looked tired last night & had to go back to a meeting.

This is going to be another lost day.  I haven't done much this morning and we have to have a Brownie meeting this afternoon to finish Mothers' Day things.

I must stop and get some cards addressed.  Maude's birthday is Monday and we have a friend in the hospital."

                          Lots of love,



  1. We've had much, much better luck here in Penticton on that front, but back in Toronto our mail used to get "fouled up" unnervingly often. There was almost no end to the troubles we ran into with Canada Post and our (very unprofessional mail carriers) there. Thank goodness things have, knock wood, run smoothly here 99% of the time so far. I think living in a relatively small town certainly helps in our favour there now.

    Thank you so much, dear Ann, for your wonderfully sweet birthday wishes for darling Miss Annie. I completely agree that there is no end to the joy that a pet can bring to our lives. I feel that way with both Annie and our cat, Stella.

    Tons of hugs & happy Sunday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Hi Jessica, thanks for writing! I'm afraid that our small towns are losing their local Post Offices at an alarming rate, cutting back on services and workers. It's too bad, especially for those tiny rural towns where the PO is the center for gathering and meeting up with neighbors!

    The pet photos you posted were absolutely fabulous. I've looked at them at least 4 times:-)


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