Wednesday, January 22, 2014

May 29, 1960 The Rain, The Recital, The Graduation Talk and The Big Time

Dear Mother & Daddy,

We are all so disgusted with the weather!  Everyone is complaining.  It is cold and has rained so much everything is soggy.  Farmers can't even get their corn planted.  We have had too bad rain storms with wind and the rest of the time it has just rained and rained.  My iris and peonies would be beautiful if they could get some sunshine.

Ann's big recital was Monday night and she did real well.  She got a little pin for memorizing 14 pieces this year and another one for making the most progress this year.  She and another little girl tied for that.  Both award were unexpected so she was happy.

She will start a band instrument this year and is trying to decide on one.  Her room sang some songs in a music program this week and the older children played their instruments.

I managed to finish a plain summer dress for her to wear to the program.  She had wanted me to get one made for her and it has been so long since she has had anything new.

Bob's room will have a music program next week.  The children have about two weeks more of school but I think public schools were out today.

We have our last Brownie meeting tomorrow.  I hope it doesn't rain even though we'll have a cabin we can use.  It belongs to the Girl Scouts & has two big fireplaces in it.  We can cook our hot dogs inside.

B has gone to make a graduation talk near Chicago.  He had another one Wed. night and didn't get home till real late.

I hope Daddy's foot is better.  Does it hurt him any?  I imagine it will take quite a while to heal completely.

Ann was glad to get your letter.  We wish we could help you pick berries.  We have bought only one batch but they are coming on the market now.

I haven't heard from Beulah nor written to her in a long time.  I sent Jerry a shirt for his birthday and didn't write a thing on the card.  I was ashamed to send it that way but I simply didn't have any chance to write a letter and wanted to get the shirt mailed while I could.

I stopped last night & never got back to this.  This hasn't been such a bad week.  Ann and I have been on the Scout outing and had a big time.

When we got home I had a check from a publisher for two short articles I'd sent them.  They paid $10. for them and I'm happy about that.

We have to go to the store so will say bye for now."

                          Lots of love,


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