Tuesday, January 21, 2014

May 23, 1960 The Carnival, The Luncheon, The Brownies, The Tea and The Meeting

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Here I'm late again.  I've just been running around too much.  I spent most of Thursday and Friday at the church.  We had a carnival and tried to raise enough money for a movie projector but our crowd was small.  Too much is going on right now so we made $116.   It was an awful lot of work.

I had to have the Brownies here in the kitchen on Monday and that makes a lot of work.  Larsens came for supper Tuesday night and showed us some pictures that Dick took last summer while he was on a camping trip thru the West.  All of us enjoyed the pictures so much and there are so many places the kids want to see this summer we can't possible see half of them.

Wednesday I went to a luncheon and to another one yesterday.  Ann had rehearsal yesterday morning so I went with her at 9:00 and got home in time to get my clothes ready for the luncheon.

Today we had a S. School teachers' meeting and then went from that to a tea the Wesleyan faculty was giving for our faculty.  I hope I've changed my clothes for the last time today.

The sun is out now and looks so good.  We are all sick of cold, damp weather.  The iris are beginning to bloom if the rain will stop beating them down.  I have some beauties this year.

I am anxious to know how the ankle has healed and hope another cast doesn't have to be put on.

Take care of yourselves."

                        Lots of love,


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