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March 27, 1960 The Winter, The Japanese Things, The Rolls and The Roasted Caterpillars

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We are still having winter.  It snowed hard for awhile today but it didn't accumulate.  We pray we don't have a big snow by morning.  We are getting used to it but everyone is very tired of it.

Last Sunday was awfully cold but we had a nice time in Springfield, anyway.  We were all so glad to get out of town for a change.  Ann got a red ribbon and did fine.  After she played we went to the capital, the state museum, Lincoln's tomb and his home.  It was all very interesting even if we had seen part of it before.  We really made a day of it and didn't get home til 6:30.

Beulah's sore shoulder is probably a result of the flu.  They say it affects the nerves and causes neuritis.  My arm doesn't bother me anymore but one of my friend's mother has been in the hospital for about 3 weeks with it.  It affected her legs and she is old so it is taking her a long time to get over it.  They have been giving her antibiotics.

This is Sat. morning.  B has gone to school to work and the kids are watching T.V.  I've tried to iron all week but still haven't finished.

I haven't been out a lot but went to Education Wives meeting on Thursday afternoon and to Quill Club that night.  I haven't written anything much since I was sick because I can't find the time.  I thought if I went to Quill Club I'd get some inspiration.

I took some Japanese things and went to the third grade of one of our public schools Wed. afternoon.  We all had so much fun I stayed all afternoon.  They have been studying Japan.

We found the clipping from an alumni magazine B got from Springfield this week.  Morris sure looks like his Dad.

We are going to our potluck supper tonight so I have been making rolls.  I have to take relishes too and I've been threatening to take the birthday present they all gave me last time.  It was a beautiful package and inside was a small can of roasted caterpillars.  I laughed till I cried and I've been telling them I was going to put the caterpillars on the relish plate this time.  B and Ann want me to but I'm afraid it would spoil my supper and maybe everyone else's.

My rolls are about ready to take out so I must get at it.  Hope you both are fine.

                Lots of love,
NOTE:  If interested in more "Japanese things", see the letters from Japan, 1953-4.

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