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March 20, 1960 Plenty of Snow, A Big Time, Beautiful Stamps, Whipped Cream and A Green Cherry

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"There isn't much to talk about except snow and there is plenty of that.  Yesterday was a nice day and it thawed quite a bit but it's snowing again this morning.  Everyone is sick of it.  It is piled higher than the car along lots of roads and when it thaws the water stands in big ponds because the drains are all filled with ice.

The Scouts were to have a camp-out this weekend but cancelled it.  I was sure glad.

The school circus was last night.  Bob went with Bruce and then went home with him so he is out there today.  They will have a big time.  Becky is here with Ann.  They went to the circus and then Becky stayed here last night.

B and I went out to dinner last night with the people who came to I.S.N.U. the same time we did.  There were 26 of us.

We are supposed to go to Springfield tomorrow so Ann can play in a piano recital with other children from this district.  She will play at 11:00 so we have to leave early and will miss church.  She is going to wear her Xmas jumper--the one B's mother gave her.  She looks real cute in it.

Bob liked the stamps.  He always gets excited about any new ones.  He got a lot of Japanese stamps yesterday from some of our friends there.   They are just beautiful stamps.

Bob's glasses are fine.  They felt funny at first and he said everything looked small but they are fine now.  He didn't have to have new frames and I was glad for that.  They are so expensive.

I don't buy much wool but will look and see what I have around and send it if I do have anything.

I entertained church women Monday night.  There were 14 women and it was a bad night but they always seem to have a good time.  I served that apple cake with whipped cream and a green cherry.  I had St. Pat's napkins and some green mints.

We haven't heard any news from the piano company so I suppose they haven't got any in like I want.  We couldn't have gone anyway.  We couldn't come on to Richland when we do and probably won't even go out to Buddy's.  It sounds silly to go to St. Louis for a piano but they didn't have any used ones here to show us and they new ones were too high.  It will be fun to go to St. Louis anyway.

I must get busy.  We slept a little late and then Becky always has to go home for her insulin before she eats breakfast so we're a little slow this morning.

B is working at school--making some changes in the school catalog for next year.

Hope you both are fine."

                              Lots of love,


NOTES:  Mom would have referred to the mints pictured in the Saran ad as "garish and too green"!  The recipe above is the one she always used, adding a tiny bit of coloring to make pastel party mints.  Although she had a set of molds, she would typically roll the dough into small balls, roll in sugar and press with a fork to form a quarter-sized disc. 

The group of faculty couples were known as "The 49ers" and remained friends throughout their  lifetimes.

As usual, the image of the Gamma Phi Circus is from the I.S.N.U. yearbook, The Index, 1960.

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