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June 19, 1960 Painting, Sewing, Writing and Camping

Glidden ad, Saturday Evening Post, June 11, 1960
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Your card came today and I'm so glad the shoes are o.k.  I debated between an 8 and 8½ but finally decided on the longer one.  B has some tan ones like them and thinks they are so comfortable we thought Daddy might like some.  We hope tomorrow will be a nice day for both of you.  B will probably paint on the house if the weather is fit.  He's had awful luck, so far.  Every day when he could paint an hour or so it would rain.  Today is the first nice day we have had in a week and we may get showers tonight.

I've sewed most of the week.  I made Ann a dress and then have a sundress and jacket almost finished for myself.  My house really shows that I've been sewing.  It is hard to keep things straight when the kids have to stay in the house so much and when I sew I let other things go.

Ann will have her last piano lesson next Thursday until after vacation but that same day she will start lessons on the flute at school.  She will go every day for a half hour.  I told the teacher we would be leaving but she said for her to come as long as she could.

I still haven't heard about my book but hope I do before we start on our trip.  I have sold another manuscript, though.  It was a Xmas play I wrote last winter.  I sent it to the publisher in St. Louis who publishes the church magazines you get as well as the ones for our church.  The editor wrote me a letter saying they were buying it and I'd get a check soon but he didn't say how much it would be.  I want to type up a story and mail it before we leave so I may do that next week.

Time goes so fast that July will be here before we're ready for it.  We do plan to camp again and I guess we'll manage to get things together.  We probably won't stay long in Richland--2 or 3 days--and go on from there.  We'll stop in Kansas City on our way back and see Granny.  I had wanted to do that first but the mileage will be better if we come back that way.

What is a ribbon quilt?  Ann thinks she wants to do some sewing so if I can find time to help her I'm going to let her try.

Hope you both are fine.  Are Daddy's ankle and foot o.k. now?  I hope so."

                       Lots of love,


NOTE:  Today's letter is the 900th!  Thanks for reading!

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