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June 12, 1960 The Graduation, The Picnics, The Lawn Party and The Bird is Out of Her Cage

 Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I feel like a bird out of a cage.  School is out and my calendar is almost blank.  Graduation was this morning and I went but had to sit so far away I couldn't see anything.  They had loud speakers up so I could hear anyway.  There were over a thousand seats and about 500 people had to stand up.  B had to go to a luncheon and still hasn't come home.

Ann's room had a picnic Thurs. so I took cupcakes and went to that.  Bob's room had a picnic too but they don't need several mothers with them anymore.

The Senior reception was yesterday afternoon and I poured punch part of the time.  Then we went to a lawn party at the Home Economics house and on to the Prom.  It was a full day, to say the least.

B paints a little every afternoon but it goes awfully slow.  We still haven't had time to plan our trip but I had a letter from Mildred asking us to come and see them.  I didn't remember that I'd even told her we planned to go west this year.  She told of all the things we could go to see from their place.  We'll probably go see them but I doubt if we'd have time to see all the things she mentioned.

It is almost 8:00 and I still haven't finished this.  I had to stop and go after the kids.  They had gone swimming.  They have gone several times but I haven't been out there yet.  Then B came home and we went grocery shopping and then supper.  It seems like time goes so fast.

I'm going to mail Daddy's Dad's Day package the first of next week.  I want you to write me a card right back if it fits.  If it doesn't fit, I want you to mail it right back with the right size on a slip of paper.  I ordered it from Sears along with some other things and have to send some of it back so I'll wait till I hear from you before sending my stuff back.

Our yard is still pretty.  The peonies are still blooming and the Paul Scarlet rose at the back door is just beautiful.  I haven't got to work much in the yard this spring.  I want to move some iris one of these days but I need to do some real cleaning inside first.

B plans to paint tomorrow even if it is Sunday.  He also plans to come home from school a little early next week but I don't see how he can get the whole house done before July.

I must stop so we can mail this tonight.  Hope you both are fine."

                      Lots of love,


NOTE:  I love the caption on the Home Ec. house photo:  A laboratory of living and learning harmonizes with electronics...

All images are from the ISNU Yearbook of 1960, The Index.


  1. Agreed, that is a wonderful caption. I can't help but thing that it might make for a great tagline for a blog or book pertaining to the domestic arts.

    I just, afters years of hunting for them, found two vintage (late 50s) year books (my first vintage ones) in person at an antiques & collectibles show in Vernon (1.5 hours away from us) last year in May. One if from the States, the other is Canadian and they were both such a blast to pour over. I hope to find others in the future, especially from the 40s (so I can swoon over the girls' hairstyles and clothes! :)).

    Thinking of you and sending tons of wishes for a fantastic weekend your way, sweet Ann.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Yearbooks are a lot of fun! You can search almost any college yearbook and get great images from the site below...which you may already know:-)but I agree that they are fun to have in hand! Have a great weekend and enjoy your search for purple!


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