Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 8, 1960 Got the Sears Catalog, Sewed Off and On and Said Goodbye to Pretzel

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We got a new Sears catalog yesterday so I looked at that last night instead of writing my letter.  There was a church supper last night too, but nobody wanted to go so we stayed at home.  We haven't had to be on the go so much and it is such a relief.

I have sewed off and on all week and I also have Ann's dress all done but the buttonholes.

That's another thing I should have done last night.  She stayed home for two days because she didn't feel good.

She didn't have any fever but was pale and we thought she might be taking the mumps but she is fine.  I guess she'll go another winter without taking them.

The rest of us have been fine.  I got a permanent yesterday afternoon and have been cleaning a little everyday for a week.

We have been pretty sad around here this past week for Pretzel was hit by a car the night of New Year's day.  It killed him instantly and we were thankful for that.  He had a tiny mark over his heart and was as clean as could be.  He looked like he was asleep.  I felt so sorry for the driver of the car.  He came to the house & told us & felt so badly about it.

We wrapped Pretzel in his blanket & the vet buried him for us.  We don't intend to get another dog if we can help ourselves.   I say that because I don't know whether we could resist a dachshund puppy or not but they become such a part of the family that I don't want us to go through it all again.

We have had some wonderful sunny days and it hasn't been awfully cold but they keep predicting cold weather.  The kids want it to get cold so they can ice skate.  The rink is ready as soon as the ice freezes hard enough.  They insisted upon going one day so I took them over but water was standing on the ice.

We have asked some people from Champaign to come over for supper tomorrow night so I'd better get busy.  I'm not sure they are coming but will have to be ready anyway unless I hear from them today.  We knew them in Japan & they have been back again so we're anxious to see them.  The man teaches at the University of Illinois.

Hope you both are fine.  I had a letter from Charlotte this week, too."

                                  Lots of love,


NOTE:  I had never experienced such grief as I did when Pretzel died.  I didn't want to see him wrapped in his blanket, refused to leave my room, and refused to go along with the family when they took him to the vet late that night.  It would be the first time I was ever allowed to be left alone at night. The man who hit him was distraught as were the children who were with him in the car.  We were all pretty miserable that week.  Completely heartsick.

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  1. So sad to lose a friend like that. I am happy to hear of your new pet now however. There is always room for another heart in one's life. :)

    1. Thanks Margaret. I've seen many animals come and go, but I guess the first one to go is the hardest, and then we grow up and learn.

  2. Dragons (lizards) make fantastic pets. Every bit as loving and lovable as dog or cats. But, They do not, on the average live as long as them. I have had some, that lived over twelve yours old, as old as I have heard from anyone. But they don't live forever.

    Every time I loose one, in the almost thirty years I have had them, it is a time of deep sadness. I reflect for a time, if I will ever get another. So far, I have. Especially the rescues I have gotten. Who could turn away an animal in distress? So, I guess that I will keep accepting them, as long as I am able to care for them. And I try to keep currant, a process for them to find good homes, if I go before them.

    1. Oshi, I have been fascinated by your delightful dragon photos for a long time. It is clear how much affection you have for them, and I have learned so much about them as pets. I thank you for that! I have no doubt that you are one who cares deeply for all living things. Thanks so much for writing!


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