Saturday, January 4, 2014

January 23, 1960 Ice Skating, Terrible Driving, The Usual Stuff and Ordering a Couch

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The kids finally got their wish.  It is cold enough to ice skate and then some!  It has been around zero all week so they opened the rink last night.  I took the skates to the kids and watched a few minutes.  They wondered if they could stand up but they weren't having any trouble. 

Dennis has been sick and Bob had to carry the papers by himself a couple of days.  He was sure happy when Dennis got better.  We have been lucky so far.  There has been so much sickness around--the flu.  Maybe this cold weather will stop the flu bug.

This has been a beautiful day.  Everything is white with snow and the sun has been bright.  There has been a trace of snow in the air most of the day, too.  Driving is terrible on the side streets.  They are so icy but I keep to the main streets and they are clean.

B has been gone a couple of days to a meeting near St. Louis.  He'll be home tonight.  Things seem so quiet when he doesn't come in for lunch.

Did I ever tell you we ordered a couch?  We picked out the style & fabric and a store here in Normal ordered it for us.  It is real plain and will be covered in a light green nylon upholstery.  It had to be in two parts because it is 140 inches long but we'll use it together like one couch in front of the windows.  We could use it in the corner if we ever moved the piano any place else.

I haven't done much this week but the usual stuff of washing, ironing & cleaning.  Bob had a nice birthday and was real happy over the money you sent.  I made him a cake but we didn't do anything extra.  We gave him some things for his train, some new clothes and some albums for his coins.  He was happy and I was sure glad I didn't have to have a big gang of kids.  We didn't even ask Wattersons to come in for cake but the kids are growing apart and they didn't even mention it.

It seems like Bob saves most everything.  B has a collection of Indian Heads & Bob always was interested in them so we gave him some of them to start.  Now he has several different things going--pennies, nickles & dimes.  I don't know much about it but at least, it's a way a saving for him.  He says they will be valuable for his grandchildren and perhaps they will.

I don't suppose Bob will get a letter written to you soon so I'll thank you for his birthday letter & money.  He still buys stamps so part of it will go for that, I imagine.

Take care of yourselves & especially if you should take cold.  It goes into pneumonia so easy this year."

                       Lots of love,


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