Friday, January 3, 2014

January 15, 1960 Everyone is Happy, Not Much Running Around To Do and Straightening Drawers and Shelves

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"While supper cooks I'll write to you.  Ann has gone to play with a friend and Bruce is here with Bob and everyone is happy.  The boys are going to a ball game after supper and Bruce is going to stay all night.  This is Bob's birthday celebration really because he is going on a camping trip over the week-end.  We'll just have a family dinner Monday but I'll make him a cake for that.  He was happy to get the money and the envelopes.  I don't know what he'll spend the money for.  Right now he has so many different interests it keeps things buzzing around here.  He has the train, the stamps, Indian head pennies, and the basement looks like a laboratory.  He and some other boys have been doing experiments and every few days we have to write a note so he can get some chemicals at the drug store.  They won't sell the stuff to kids for experiments without a note from the parents.  I'm glad of it.

It has been awfully warm but poured rain yesterday & it is cold today.  There was a little snow this morning.

I have done a lot of odds and ends this week.  I finished Ann's dress and cut the jumper but haven't sewed any on it.  We've spent a lot of time in Ann's room straightening drawers & shelves.  Things sure get in a mess up there.

B & I are going to a faculty party at school tomorrow night and he has a meeting tonight.  Other than that we haven't had to do much running around.

Hope you both are fine.  I have some pants I'm going to send to Jerry when I can get them tied up.  They should fit him."

                  Lots of love,


NOTE:  In the news, crime and politics.

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