Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1, 1960 Happy New Year! The Golden 60's, The Exotic Rice Dessert, The Electric Train and The Cinnamon Apples

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Happy New Year!  The TV announcers have been talking about the golden 60's so let's hope they will be golden for all of us.  We have all been loafing around all day and didn't get up very early, either.  It is wonderful to have a day like this once a year.  All of us went out for dinner last night & then watched TV till midnight--just our family and it was a real treat.  We were relieved when we weren't invited to a party someplace and enjoyed being at home with the kids.

Everything was in such a mess after the Christmas rush that I have worked on the house all week.  There was so much stuff to put away and nothing had been really cleaned right for a long time.  It is hard to get things done with the kids home.  They always want me to take them some place or help them do something.

I tried the exotic rice dessert that was in the Journal but everyone says they would rather have plain rice pudding so it isn't worth the time it takes--most of the day.

Ladies Home Journal Cookbook, 1960
Steve and Sid gave Bob some stuff for his old electric train and now he's all interested in it again.  He hadn't touched it hardly in about three years.  Now he wants some more parts for the train instead of the 22 (for his birthday) & I've never been so relieved.  The thought of a 22 made me shiver.  We have been encouraging the train business all we can & I took Bob to town one afternoon just to look at trains.  He had more Christmas money from Grandmother Belshe & was really excited when he found some Japanese switches that were cheap.  We got his train in Japan & it still works fine.

I must make some of your cinnamon apples.  Ann said she ate four of yours and I didn't even know she liked them.

We have all been enjoying our Christmas presents.  Bob put his model together right after we got home & had so much fun that he bought another one & put it together.  Ann has carried her billfold constantly so I guess you really gave them things they liked.  I am going to save my gown for I didn't have a single nice one.  All of us got to dip in B's candy & he's been wearing the belt & he always needs hankies.

I haven't done any ironing this week but I sure have a basketful.  When I get caught up on it I want to sew some.  I've had a dress cut for Ann since Thanksgiving & then she got some material for Christmas.  Things will start again next week but maybe they won't be so exhausting as they were.  Here's hoping.

We are anxious to hear if the blanket really is comfortable.  I hope you enjoy it.

I forgot to tell you the meat & berries were fine when we got home.  The berries were still hard as rocks--no juice.  I should have brought some blackberries too, I guess.

We haven't been out today but want to take a little spin & mail this."

                     Lots of love,

NOTES:  Grandmother's cinnamon apples were easy and wonderful.  Core, peel and halve apples, cook in butter, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, drizzle with maple syrup.  Add red hots and stir until they are melted and the apples are tender.  Serve warm with cream.

The top hit on January 1, 1960...


  1. A Happy 2014 to you and your husband Ann :-)

  2. Thanks and to you as well! Our new year has started with frigid cold and snow today! Thanks for coming back for the 1960s:-)

  3. Some of the towns in South Australia's mid north reached 50 degrees Celsius today that's 122 degrees really hot stuff.

  4. Wow! I hope people can find relief from that heat. I've only experienced that high temp. once in my life and I hope not to again! Here in the Midwest we have 90s and humidity in July and August and that can be pretty miserable.

  5. Mom's spin on what I wanted for my birthday (model train stuff) is her wishful thinking. I really wanted a 22. I enjoyed target shooting but not killing things, and I became pretty good at clays in Boy Scouts.

  6. Never does a vintage post about a vintage year get old! For me this is as fresh as ever, and just as wonderful.
    I am so glad Bob gave his insight on how he felt about the 22, and glad he became proficient.
    Ann, how did you feel about the billfold you got? ;)
    Grandma's spiced apples sound yum's, I just may need to try it myself.
    Thank you as always for the look back at Bonnie and your early life.

    1. Hi Margaret! I'm glad you had a minute to read this letter and yes, Bob said it right when he called it Mom's "wishful thinking"! As for the billfold, it was my first Princess Gardner, bright red leather. Of course at my age then, all I had in it was whatever might have been left from my allowance, probably small change and a band-aid or two for my chronic skinned knees:-)


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