Wednesday, January 8, 2014

February 20, 1960 The Idiotic Flu, The Red Pants and The Long Couch

Ladies Home Journal, Jan., 1960
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"There sure isn't much news to write this week.  I haven't been anywhere to hear any for I've had the "flu".  Ann calls it the "Idiotic" flu and I think that is a pretty good name.  She was sick last Saturday all day, Bob woke up about 5:00 Sunday morning sick and I couldn't stay up Sunday.  The kids are o.k. now but I'm still wobbling around and can't do anything.  Our friends have been bringing us food and that helps a lot but this has been a hard week for all of us.

B had charge of some special guests on campus and that has been extra work for him.  They were making a study of the school so everyone wanted things to be right.

The kids were pleased with the Valentines.  Bob didn't send a single one but Ann's room had a party.  Bob is beginning to want dress-up clothes now--believe it or not.  Did I tell you about his new red pants?  They are fire red and I was really shocked when he asked for them.  In fact, I didn't think he really meant it so I didn't even look for them till he kept after me.  Then I happened to see some at Wards on $1 Day so got a pair.  He did look cute but he sure is getting big.

Our couch is really pretty but it sure is a long thing.  I want to get a few little pillows to go on it one of these days.

I must answer an invitation so I'll say bye for now.  The University Y.W.C.A. invited me to a meeting next week but I'm not going to go out much very soon."

                        Lots of love,



  1. Please tell me we have some pics of my dad in his bright red pants! :)

  2. Alas, alas, no pics of the bright red pants! But stay tuned for an excellent bow tie:-)

  3. see my comment later on my red pants


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