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April 8, 1960 Snow is Predicted, Bored in Columbus, Men in the Street and Macaroni and Cheese

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This weather is about to get me down.  It is going to be summer before it ever warms up.  We have had some sunny days but the wind is so cold and today we have had a little rain, a little hail and a little snow.  Snow is predicted for tonight.

I had hoped to get the flower beds cleaned up this week but it may be a good thing I didn't get the leaves off if it turns any colder.

I've worked all week on a talk for the church women on Monday night.  I have it ready now.  That is about all I've done except the ironing.

Ann wants a dress for Easter and I must get something done about that.  I guess we'll go to a church supper tonight.

B gave a PTA talk last night and goes to Columbus, Ohio on Sunday.  He'll be home Wed. night.  He has hotel reservations with Jim Wheeler as he usually does for this meeting.  We would all go if there was something for me and the kids to do but they would get bored.

I haven't had a letter from Beulah in quite a while so am glad to hear they can do something this spring.  Is Charlotte getting anxious for school to be out?

I looked around for wool scraps but didn't have enough worth sending.  I will bring them when we come though, so you can have them if you make another quilt.

I hope you had a nice birthday, Mother.  You probably thought your present was a peculiar assortment but I bought what I could find and maybe sometime I can find some more.  You will have to water the pussy willows a lot to keep them alive.  They are hard to get going.

I did find a dress for the party and didn't have to do anything but hem it up a little.  It is a green print jacket dress.  No one knew what to wear and there was everything from suits to short formals.

I started to the grocery store but men are working in the street and I couldn't get out the drive so I'll have to wait.

I guess I'll go fix some macaroni and cheese to take tonight to the church so bye for now." 

                   Lots of love,


NOTE:  The Macaroni Bake recipe is easy and pretty good, but the family favorite was the very simple Mac and Cheese recipe below with toasted, buttered Ritz cracker crumbs added on top.

The Ladies Home Journal Cookbook, 1960

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