Saturday, January 18, 2014

April 29, 1960 Sausage and Biscuits, Cool in the Day, Freakish Tulips and Wondering What to Do

 Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I wish you could eat lunch with us today.  We are having sausage and biscuits.  The college students at church had a supper last night to make some money.  They bought a hog for the meat & then sold sausage and lard.  The lard was so white but I couldn't keep a big lot of it so I just bought some sausage.  It sure smells good.

I'm early with my letter but thought I might not have time tomorrow.  We'll start to Decatur about 2:00.  We're going to take the kids with us even if they do have to miss a little school-- just in case Harrolds should be a little late.

It has been getting cold at night and stays cool in the day but the weather is beautiful.  Our back yard is so pretty & green.  I have some freakish tulips coming out and the violets are everywhere.  I just love them.  Some of my iris are budded now.  It seemed to happen overnight.

I doubt if the little pussy willows will grow.  The roots break off so easy.  Next spring just push a limb down in the ground like a regular willow.  They start as easy that way as in water if you keep the ground moist.

B's birthday shirt was a beautiful shirt but I hate to tell you it is too small.  We don't know of any store here that carries the brand so we'll send it back with B's mom in hopes that you can exchange it.  It will have to be a 15 ½ neck and a 34 sleeve.  There is no hurry about it so just keep it for him until we come in July.  He had said a few days ago that he was going to have to replace some of his shirts before long so he was happy to get it.

Irene must be having a time.  Was her neck broken in the accident?

We drove to Peoria to look at pianos but they want $725 for the one we wanted and that is too much money.  Our piano is practically worthless as a trade-in.  So I called the tuner and I guess it will have to do.  Ann and I were pretty disappointed for we didn't expect prices like that.

I should be sewing for Ann.  She has grown so much that she doesn't have much to wear to school when it gets hot.  I bought material and a pattern but haven't cut anything out yet.

The kids can hardly wait for school to be out.  Then they'll be wondering what to do.

It's about time for Ann's piano lesson so I'd better stop.  I pick her up at school and we go from there."

                          Lots of love,


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