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April 24, 1960 Too Many Old People, A Last Minute Invitation, No Day of Rest and Things Are Really Growing

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm sitting in the sun & writing on my lap so you may not be able to read this.  I washed my hair and the sun is so wonderful I thought I'd sit for a few minutes.  Ann has a new bathing suit so she and Becky are taking sun baths.  I'm going to take some too when the pool opens but we have too many old people and students around here for me to do it in the back yard.

This week hasn't been too busy and we thought we were going to have a free week-end but things have piled up until it is the worst one we've had for awhile.  B had a dinner meeting last night and Bob had a boy stay all night with him.  Staying all night on Fri. means staying all day Saturday too for all of them but it gives the kids something to keep them busy.  I have been working on a formal to wear to the Jr-Sr Prom the end of May and thought I had so much time.  Then we had a last minute invitation to another one tonight and they wanted us to stand in the receiving line so I've knocked myself out to finish my dress.  It is done now except for pressing.  I brought the material from Japan and had never figured out a way to use it before.

We have to go to a tea tomorrow for honor seniors and then to another honors dinner in the agriculture department tomorrow night.  Sunday is no day of rest around here.

We enjoyed our day in St. Louis but didn't find a piano.  We found new ones but no used ones to suit us.  That was to be my birthday present but maybe I'll just mark off the 40th one and say I'm 39 and not get a piano.  Ha!  It poured rain on us most of the morning but the afternoon was nice.  We went to the museum and Famous Barr besides the piano stores.  The day was gone before we knew it and we got home late.  The kids didn't want to go to early service so we went to S.S.  Ann sang in the choir and B was a deacon but Bob & I didn't stay for church.  My S.S. room was running over with kids and I was worn out by the end of S.S.

I had my yearly physical exam this week and am fine.  I still have a little neuritis from the flu and Dr. Ball told me to get in the sun.  He said the nerves could get sore as boils but never break through the skin.  It gets better all of the time and doesn't bother me constantly but it kept me wondering what was wrong.

I had to stop for lunch...I've misplaced your letter and can't remember if you asked any questions or not.  I still do some writing but haven't sold anything in a long time.  Seems like I never have time to get anything really finished and sent off.  Getting it ready to mail is such a job.  This makes me think of Maxine.  I think her birthday is Mar. 14 or May the 19th.  There were so many of us with March birthdays.

Our back yard is getting so pretty now.  I have a few flowers out--tulips and jonquils and a few baby iris.  The violets are starting too.  Things are really growing but our front yard is a mess.  After we had the porch fixed the weather was so bad we couldn't do anything except smooth out the dirt.  Grass is coming up but it will be awhile before the yard looks like much.

You probably know B's mother is coming next weekend.  We are so glad she is getting to come for she has never seen our house.  The trip will be awfully hard on her for she hates to be gone from home very long.  Hope you are both fine."

                      Lots of love,


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