Thursday, January 16, 2014

April 16, 1960 Popping Into Leaf and Pepping Up, Going to St. Louis and Getting Seeds

Dear Mother & Daddy,

At last, we are having some beautiful days.  I have had the doors open part of this week and the sun is wonderful.  Everything is popping into leaf.  You can almost see the grass grow but the trees are hardly budded.

These nice days really pep you up and I have spent quite a lot of time in the yard cleaning up the flower beds.  I washed a few windows too.

It has rained part of the week but has been nice enough that the kids could be out part of every day.

B enjoyed his meeting but was glad to get home and we were glad to see him.  He will be home this afternoon since it is Good Friday.  They are closing all offices at noon.

We think we'll go to St. Louis tomorrow if nothing comes up.  We don't plan to do anything except look about the piano and then come home.  We don't want to be late since all of us will have to be up early Sunday morning.  B has to teach a class and I have my kindergarten.  Time is so short we won't go out to Buddy's.  Bob doesn't want to go at all but this is the only week-end we have had for months and the only free one for months ahead so we will go.  Probably won't find a piano because we don't want to put too much into it.

We aren't making much of Easter finery this year.  I don't even have a new hat but I'm not too keen on this business of new things especially at Easter.   So I don't care, really.  We got out Ann's dress from last year.  It was nicer than any we saw so I let the hem out and washed it.  It looked like new.  She did get some shoes but she had to have them.  Bob has a new tie B brought from Columbus and that is all.

Bob still likes his red pants.  They are in the wash most every week and stay looking pretty nice.  The black ones are beginning to look gray already and show dirt faster than any.

Quill Club met here last night.  There was a small crowd because so many people wanted to go to church or were out of town.

This has been a fairly quiet week even if the kids have been home and there have been lots of kids in and out.  I haven't had to be in the car much.  Bob bought himself a tennis racket and he's been going to school to play tennis.

Our anniversary was Wed. but we didn't make much of it.  B brought me a box of candy from Columbus but we had already agreed not to buy presents.  It was our 19th--doesn't seem that long.

I never did get this finished.  I stopped to get lunch, then went grocery shopping and soon the day was gone.  It is bedtime now so I'll say bye.

We've been getting seeds with gas and have no place for them."

                  Lots of love,


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  1. I remember the bright red pants. Sometimes I would volunteer to be bat boy for the ISU baseball team and wore the red pants for that. They let me keep the cracked bats which I would tape up and use- they were wood in those days and not aluminum like now.


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