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September 5, 1959 Ceiling & Woodwork, 8 Old Ladies, A Worried Hub-Bub and The Book is Mailed...Again

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"B just went to school and the kids aren't up yet.  We will all be lazy today because we were up so late last night.  We started tiling last night & all of us wanted to keep at it so the kids went to bed about 11:30 and we went about an hour later.  We did one wall last night but it is enough to see how it will look.  It is real pretty--almost white but has enough pale green & grey so finger marks won't show.  The ceiling & woodwork are done & are white.  It took 3 coats of paint on the woodwork and 4 on the ceiling before we were satisfied.  White shows every brush line.  I don't know whether I'll work on it today or not.  Bob will want to when he gets up but I always have so many interruptions in the daytime.

Bob is going to Bruce's this afternoon to stay all night.  They plan to sleep outside in sleeping bags.  He is all excited about it.  Ann is having a little girl stay with her, too.

Etta is back home but she can't stay alone so she has finally agreed to go into a nursing home.  There will be 8 old ladies just like her and it sounds like it would be very nice.  They will close up the house for the winter.  She will be in Bloomington so I'll try to go see her and take her for rides.

We have all enjoyed the clipping about camp letters.  We put it on the bulletin board in the kitchen & the kids show it to everyone.

This has been some week.  Woody went into the hospital for some tests as part of a physical exam and the test made him terribly sick.  Edna couldn't go see him except for a few minutes at a time because of that allergy she has and then another one of Woody's brothers died.  Things were kind of in a worried hub-bub.  He is home now and everything is o.k.  He plans to go to the office today.  B has almost worked his socks off this month but Dean Larsen will be back next week so things will be better.

I need to sew for Ann and have patterns for her birthday dresses when I can get at it.  I have one partly laid on so maybe I can get it cut today.

We hope to get most of the bathroom done this week-end.  B won't have to work Monday, of course, so maybe we can.

I feel sorry for Fannie, too.  Will she stay in St. James?  I should think it would be awfully lonesome there for her without anyone.

I'm glad Daddy liked the shirt.  Don't run it through the wringer and you can press it dry without having to sprinkle.  B has one like it and thinks it is a little hot but Wards was out of the smooth kind & I wanted that kind of drip dry.

My book is mailed but there hasn't been time to get the return receipt.  I registered it.  The kids keep speculating on how much I ought to get for it but I'm not even thinking about that.  I just hope somebody buys it.

I had a letter from Charlotte but she didn't say just when she starts to Columbia.  I think Bob is ready for school.  We got him a new notebook, paper & such the other day & he has looked at them several times.

I had better get dressed.  I hear Bob up & he'll be wanting breakfast.

Hope you both are fine."

                        Lots of love,


NOTE:  For the first time in 20 years of letters, "sox" was written as "socks" in this letter.  I don't know what accounts for the change.  Use the link for a quick explanation of the word's usage in baseball:

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  1. Thanks for the info on socks/sox Ann. I enjoy finding out the origin of words especially those which are a bit of a misnomer.


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