Tuesday, December 17, 2013

November 21, 1959 The Dress, The Scouts, The Shoulder, The Arthritis and The Falling Business

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It has warmed up a bit so we aren't shivering this week.  It seemed like spring when the temp. went up to 30° again.

This week has been a little quieter than the last few and I have really wasted a lot of time but I was so tired I could hardly move by Monday night so I've been reading and taking things easy.  I did get a dress made for Ann.  I'm almost ashamed to tell it but I just finished her dress with the birthday material you sent.  It made a pretty dress and she has it all ready to wear to her recital tomorrow morning.

Bob is packing up for a camping trip.  The Scouts are going to the lake tomorrow morning and come back Sunday.  I'm so glad it warmed up but he plans to put on several layers of clothes so I hope he won't get too cold.  They have a cabin to sleep in.

I hope Daddy's shoulder is better.  How did he fall?  Did he have a dizzy spell?  I'm sorry you can't go to Fannie's but I don't think it would be a good idea to drive on the highway now.  You had better stay at home.

Thanks for the addresses.  I have a note ready to mail to Aunt Jane.

I had a letter from Charlotte today.  I had sent her stockings and stationary for her birthday & she must have written the day she got the package.  She is always so prompt with her thank yous and that is a mighty good quality.

B was in Chicago only for the day and spent all of it in meetings on the Federal Loan Program for college students.  We had talked about going somewhere on Friday after Thanksgiving but will probably stay at home.  It is a rare treat to get to stay home.

Granny Watterson is not too well.  She has arthritis in her back now and it pains so much.  Poor old Etta isn't getting along very well.  She is in a nursing home but isn't too happy about it.  The home is all right but she is just plain lonesome for own home and friends.  I took her back home today to get a few winter clothes and she appreciated it so much.

I think you two had better be a little more careful.  All of this falling business is not too good.  Hope you both are feeling better."

                         Lots of love,


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  1. Gosh Arthritis is nobody's friend that's for sure.


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