Monday, December 16, 2013

November 15, 1959 The Ice, The Snow, The Stamps, The Luncheons and The Dinners

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Well, I'm really late but this is the first chance I've had to think about a letter.  We have had terribly cold weather and still have ice and snow over most everything.  Ann said everything looked like silver when the sun came out and it did.  The trees are beautiful but the dead elms are so dangerous with the ice on them.  I'm glad we don't have any.

We were so lucky about our porch.  B got the rails on and it does look nice.  The pile of dirt is still there and I'm afraid it will have to stay as long as the weather is like this. 

Thank you for the stamps from Aunt Jane.  Send me her address and I'll try to write her a note.  Bob was pleased to think she'd send them from Iowa but he doesn't have any idea who Aunt Jane is.  Send me Roger's address one of these days, too.  I have never had it and would like to send him a Xmas card.

I have started thinking of Xmas but that's about all.  I'll keep my ears open for ideas but haven't much to suggest.  Ann said she'd like to have a new billfold the other day--one with a little place for coins in it.  Bob & B both need belts.  Bob need a 32 and B needs a narrow black 38.

Don't worry about that book.  I haven't promised it to anyone so take your time with it even if it's another year or more.  I do think it will be a classic someday and I want to keep it.

This week has been so full and long that I'm not sure what all I have done.  I went to a women's party Monday night, then to a luncheon Tuesday.  B & Bob went to a chili supper at the school farm Monday night and then B drove to a meeting in Chicago Thursday.  I went to a coffee Thursday morning and poured at a tea that afternoon.  Our University Y.W.C.A. was the first one in the world and they were celebrating their 55th birthday that day.  It was all day but I couldn't go for any of the other things.  In the meantime I had to take Ann to piano and go after her because it was snowing hard and blue cold.  Friday night  I went to a dinner and last night we had 16 people here for dinner.  I went to a luncheon today which was a meeting of the Pen Women so I'm about fagged out.  Next week doesn't look much better but I won't be getting ready for company here so it will be a little easier.

I want to get this mailed so I'll say bye.  Hope you both are fine."

         Lots of love,



  1. Hi Ann do you know what 'book' Bonnie was referring to when she said she hadn't promised it to anyone.
    Was it one of Ngaio Marsh's books. I seem to remember your Mum liked that series of books.

  2. I don't know for sure but I'm wondering if it was Exodus. Here's a website for best seller lists--I think it's fun to see. Wonderful to hear from you!


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