Thursday, December 5, 2013

August 26, 1959 The Birthday, The Lessons, The Bathroom, The Book and The Telephone

 Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Another birthday for you, Daddy!  We hope it will be a good one.  I have your package ready to mail today so this will probably beat it there.

Ann starts her music lessons again today.  She complains about it (and I dread it, too) but it will be all right once we get going again.  The pool will be closing soon & the public schools will start after Labor Day.  The summer has been short.

We have started working on our upstairs bathroom and are doing it ourselves.  B has taped the seams of the drywall and has it about ready for the tile.  We have picked out a plastic tile they called paisley.  It is very light--white with a pale green marble effect & looks nice with the green fixtures.  The floor tile is a white spatter pattern (green, red, yellow) & we're going to use ordinary ceiling tile & paint it white.

I have my book about ready to mail to a publisher.  The typing is all done and I'm working on the illustrations now.  The dining table has been piled high for two weeks now but it saves time to leave my papers out.

The telephone is beginning to ring again because people are coming back from vacation.  Kids are starting to call again & we are starting to get invitations.  I'm going to a luncheon Friday & I need to have some of the new people over.

Edna is better but can't go out of the house more than 10 minutes at a time.  She works on pictures for Woody most of the time but she looks bad.

Hope you both are fine."

               Lots of love,


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