Wednesday, December 4, 2013

August 22, 1959 A Lot of Time Typing, Loads of Tomatoes, Dresses from Sears and Ready to Leave

Sears, 1959, historic catalogs
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We're really lazy this morning--just finished breakfast and the morning is half gone.  Becky stayed all night with Ann last night and they even slept late.  I think we're all dreading for school to start and are taking things easy as long as we can.

I have spent a lot of time typing this week and got a lot done on my book but still have a lot to do.  It has been terribly hot and I've wanted to go swimming with the kids but knew if I didn't get started on my typing I might not get done.

I have worked in my flowers some too but you can't tell I've done anything there are so many weeds.

Ann had a nice birthday even if her party didn't amount to much.  All her friends were gone and we asked the Watterson kids and one neighbor child to come for cake and ice cream.  The neighbor got sick so we just had the Wattersons but the kids had fun anyway.  We went to the State Fair as part of her birthday, too.  It had been two years since we had been there but it doesn't change much so we won't care about going again very soon.  Ann was real pleased with the dress and they enjoyed the candy.  They passed it around at the party and those 5 kids ate almost all of both bags.

We've been having loads of tomatoes, too.  Bob's vines have the nicest ones on them now and we picked from our neighbor's garden while they were away.  I haven't canned any but really haven't had the time to.

I guess I forgot to tell you about the dresses from Sears.  B's mother got them on Sat. after we came home & we told her to keep them awhile before sending them to us.  So she mailed them to us after our trip.  Two of them were too big but I kept the red plaid.  It has been too hot to wear it but I have it hemmed up and ready to do this fall.  I ordered a jersey from Wards but it didn't fit either so I still don't have anything to start school with.

Sorensens have been married 21 years.  Edna is sick so I haven't seen her this week.  She had an allergy attack the other day and couldn't breathe.  The Dr. gave her a shot to dilate the bronchial tubes and she is better but can't go out of the house because of pollen.  Their house is air conditioned or I don't know what she would do.

B is getting ready to leave & I want him to mail this so bye for now."

                        Lots of love,


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