Sunday, November 3, 2013

January 17, 1959 Cleaned Out the Desk, Kept the Little Boy, Went to Bloomington and Wished I Could Stay Home

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The kids are busy and B hasn't come from school yet so maybe I can get this written a little earlier than last week.  I haven't accomplished much this week but have done a lot of little things.  B got some new book cases in his office so he took what books he wanted from home.  He has waited almost a year for the school carpenters to get the shelves done.  After he picked out the books I cleaned out the shelves and straightened books & magazines.  Once in awhile I'd find something interesting and I'd read a while so it took me a long time to finish.  I cleaned out the desk & some closet shelves, too. 

Some of our friends were in a car accident and their mother was hurt pretty bad.  She is 75 so it is hard on her.  I kept the little boy yesterday afternoon so his mother could go see the grandmother at the hospital.

It is bitter cold again today.  I went to Bloomington this morning to get Bob some little things for his birthday.  He still wants the microscope and we're still waiting for it to come.  We're going to have a few kids for supper Sunday night.  That is what Bob wants.

David, Bruce, Bobby and Bill
Ann is staying all night with a friend tonight so Bruce is here to stay with Bob.  B has a dinner meeting in Bloomington and I have to go to school to a meeting.  I wish I could stay at home.

Bob has been exposed to the mumps again.  I wish the kids would take them and be done with them.

I think you are doing real well on the quilts but why the rush?  I'd like to do some handwork again but never have any time for it.  I still haven't even started to sew on our Xmas dresses.  I've been trying to let out some pants for B but can't get them done.

This semester is about over so B is working awfully hard right now.  There is always so much extra work at the end of the semester and the start of the new one.

Hope you both are fine."

                              Lots of love,


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