Wednesday, November 6, 2013

February 8, 1959 Ice Started to Thaw, Didn't Get the Rugs Swept, Ran Around All Day and Would Rather Have a Snake

 Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It has felt a bit spring-like today.  The temperature was almost 40° and some of the ice started to thaw.  The snow is packed so deep on the drive and walk that it is going to take several days like today to get rid of it.  It is supposed to get cold again, though.

I sewed a lot this week and got Ann's dress all finished.  It looks real pretty on her and she likes it.  I cleaned out my mending basket, too.  It was full of socks and things that needed buttons and just little things done.  It took almost a full day to do that but it was a relief to get finished.

I wore my Christmas material dress to a party at Edna's Friday night and got several compliments on it.  It is very comfortable with the full skirt and I think it looks nice.  Can that material be washed?  I won't be doing much sewing this next week for we have our potluck group here Sat. night and I've got to do some cleaning.  Everything is always so dirty this time of the year and I didn't even get the rugs swept yesterday.

Instead of cleaning on Friday as I should I got started working in the basement and didn't even get done down there.  I had a committee meeting Friday afternoon and then went to the store and to Edna's for supper.

We ran around all day Sat. too.  (This is Sunday morning.)  We looked at wall coverings for the bathroom upstairs but didn't decide on anything.  The labor is so high but I don't know if either of us could ever find time to finish the walls.

Researching hamsters no doubt

Bob bought himself a hamster yesterday.  It seems to be a fad with the boys now.  I can't stand to look at the thing but he has it in a cage upstairs.  They look like brown mice and I'd rather have a snake in the house.  I got used to the snakes so I guess I can get used to this.

I must get breakfast so we'll get to Sunday School on time."

                   Lots of love,


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  1. My parents were great about letting me keep various animals- fish, hamsters, snakes and later on mice for tobacco experiments- but mostly I remember being into chemistry sets and and stinking up the house with various experiments. One time I made ink which exploded and hit the tile ceiling in my room. I had learned in science class that if you put reactions under heat and pressure they would go faster. Well a cork in a test tube works until the pressure breaks the test tube.


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