Friday, November 8, 2013

February 21, 1959 Spring-Like, Still Hunting, A Valentine Table and The Redbirds Are Singing

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It's a little spring-like this morning and birds were singing yesterday even though the temp. was just above zero.  Everyone is so sick of snow, ice & cold.

They are still hunting for the little boy's body.  The water was rolling so fast the day he was lost he may have washed into another state by now.  The divers came back again and worked the gravel pits from one end to the other.  The town is raising a fund for the divers since they work for nothing and worked so long and hard in that filthy water.  The sewage plant had an explosion this winter & raw sewage has had to be dumped into the pits.  The officers are talking of draining the pits now in hopes they will find the child.  It would mean pumping millions of gallons of water out of there for they are huge.  I wish they would find the body but I wonder if they ever will.

We had fun at our potluck last weekend but they didn't go home till almost midnight and we had to wash dishes after that.  I had a valentine table with my red linen tablecloth.  I used a white lacy paper doily under each plate and B bought me some white mums for a Valentine so that was my centerpiece.  The table looked real pretty.

I sent my Christmas play to a publisher this week.  I hope I can sell it because it sure takes a long time to get it ready to send off. I worked two whole days on it.  That sounds like a long time to type 14 pages but it has to be just right or they won't even read it.

Sears catalog images, 1959
I've been trying to get downtown to look for a pattern and material but still haven't got to it.  I know Ann and Bob will both like their quilts.  I'm glad Beulah is getting her house fixed up.  It seems like there is always something to do to a house.  I cleaned the basement this week which is always a dirty job.  We have been trying to burn the rest of the scrap wood we had left from the upstairs work.  It always kept the basement messy.

I must stop and finish sweeping.  I got started in Bob's room yesterday and didn't get the rest of the house done.  He can accumulate more junk and it is a real project to clean the room.

The redbirds are singing again, bless them!  Maybe spring is not so far off."

                                         Lots of love,


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