Friday, October 18, 2013

September 13, 1958 Back to School, Fall Weather, In No Mood to Work and A Hoopla Hoop

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The kids started back to school now and I think they are glad.  Ann has had an awful time deciding which new dress to wear.  I finally got the buttonholes made on the two I had worked on at your house.

It is real fall weather now.  The furnace has been running a little but it is warm outside in the sun.  I pulled weeds yesterday afternoon but the yard still needs work.  Some of the mums are beginning to open but are very slow.

I'm in no mood to work today but would like to cut out my suit.  B has gone to school for the day and may have to work tomorrow.  They have more students than were expected.  I went over one afternoon to help fill out x-ray cards but didn't do a thing because the machine broke down and they couldn't fix it.  Every new students has to have a chest x-ray.

Ann still has good teeth.  We feel so lucky that neither of the kids have ever had a cavity.  Bob had his polio booster one afternoon this week and the rest of that afternoon was spent hunting one of those hoopla hoops.  We found one & the kids have had fun with it.

The kids have gone to the soapbox derby so I'd better work while I can.  I cleaned the downstairs yesterday but have to clean upstairs today.

Lots of love,


NOTE:  The feature in Life about T.V. game shows is very interesting.  Apparently there was a significant scandal regarding the rigging of results, prompting contestants by providing answers, etc.  The N.Y. District Attorney led an investigation when former contestants testified that the business was crooked.  Others came forward with accusations resulting in the cancellation of some shows and a big blow to the T.V. industry, so reliant on this major source of business.

The Price is Right
Watch an episode here:


  1. You know, someone it escaped me that we'd been into 1958, the year that my mom was born, for some time now. Not so much that it escape me per se, but that the "hey, that's also the year of mom's birth" button didn't go off in my head. Ooohh, now I have another reason to love the letters, facts about, and images you've been posting recently all the more. :)

    Big hugs & the happiest of Friday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your terrifically nice comment on my Bakelite find post. I saw a fair bit of Bakelite during our travels to Calgary, but it was all set at very high retail prices, too. Even the wee bit I've seen at a relatively local (as in, within about a three hour radius of our town), at antique and jewelry stores, has all been crazy pricey, too. Gone, by and large, are the days of Bakelite for a song, unless one lucks out on the yard sale or thrift store front. (Do you collect it yourself, too?)

  2. Hi Jessica! Thanks for writing! I don't collect Bakelite, but growing up we had things with Bakelite handles and my dad had a grooming set (nail buffer, file, brush, etc.) that I played with all the time. I wish I had kept it!


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