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October 4, 1958 The Lovely Day, The Ruined Nasturtiums, The Letter to S. Adams and Faubus is a Disgrace

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It's going to be a lovely day so I hope we can get a lot of cleaning done around here.  Yesterday was nice so I put plastic on the bathroom floor and cleaned the dining room rug with Glamorene.

"Plastic" for the floor
The windows could be open so it was a good day for it.  It has been cold here and we have had 3 frosts--enough to ruin the nasturtiums.  It was so nice that I cleaned out part of the iris bed yesterday and put out the two mum plants we got in August.  I hope they live.

My mums are blooming slowly but the ground is so dry and hard.  They need rain.

B has a meeting in Bloomington for the morning but we hope to wash windows this afternoon.  Next week is so full that I won't have much time for work in the house so I've almost worked my sox off this week.  I just about have my suit finished & want to wear it next week.  I had trouble with it--like one does sometimes when you have just so much time.  My brown dress didn't look right when I got it done & I haven't worn it yet.  It looks home made and I don't know why.  I wore the old brown tweed suit that I made in Japan but it looked nice with my new hat and the purse I got in Springfield.  The weather was too cold for a dress without a coat but the suit was fine.

I would like to see your letter from S. Adams and I'd like to know what you were protesting.  I think it is about time some protesting was done about Faubus.  He's a disgrace to the U.S.A.

Why don't you ask Claude Woods if anything can be done to collect back interest?  It does look like something could be done and I think you have given Lloyd more than a chance to be fair.  It makes me boil every time I think about him.

I'm glad Daddy's back is better & hope you both are fine."

                          Lots of love,


NOTES:  S. Adams was Llewelyn Sherman Adams, assistant to President Eisenhower.  Orval Faubus was the Governor of Arkansas, known for his defiance and refusal to implement desegregation rulings in the Little Rock School District.  He ordered National Guard troops to Central High School with orders to deny any black students entrance into the school.  This group of students became known as the Little Rock Nine.  I don't know what my grandmother wrote to Adams, or how he responded.  If any family member has the letter, I'd love to see it.  For more information on Adams, use the link:

For more information on Faubus and an excellent interview by Mike Wallace, use this link:

To see Faubus in action:

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