Monday, October 7, 2013

May 31, 1958 Taking the Paper Off, Winding Up and Using the Same Green

The backyard peonies
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Yesterday was a beautiful day but we worked all day.  I had started taking paper off the front bedroom on Thurs. so B finished that and then scrubbed the paste off.  He worked all day but got the room all ready to be painted.  We hope to start that after lunch today.

We took a short ride after supper and flowers were out everywhere.  The peonies are beautiful this year.  Edna called this morning for me to come and get roses.  We had a short rain this morning early but we need it to rain all day and then some.

Ann's room had a picnic Thurs. noon and I went with them.  Things are winding up now.  Bob is thru with piano for the summer and his room has a party next week.  The Senior Tea is next Fri. and I have to be a hostess part of the time.  Graduation is Saturday.  Then the town will really be quiet for awhile.

We drove to some iris gardens last Sunday and I've never seen anything like it.  They sell the roots but I didn't order any.  I would like to have some of every kind.

Normal has a new swimming pool that will be open in a week or two.  The kids can hardly wait.  I guess we'll all spend most of the summer there along with the rest of the town.  It will be a lot cleaner and safer than the lake.

There is lots going on but not much news, it seems.  Woody is working hard to get work finished before the Russia trip.  He is revising several of his books.

Well, we went after the paint & they didn't have it so we have to order it.  We can do the ceiling anyway & start on the woodwork because we are using the same green we used in the hall.

Ann is waiting for me to comb her ponytail so I'd better go."

                       Lots of love,


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