Wednesday, October 9, 2013

June 13, 1958 The Rain, The Big Bedroom, The Nice Present and The Marvelous Rainbow

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I wish you had some of our rain.  It has really poured off and on for a week.  Power lines were down in the street and our phone was dead several days.  The opening of the swimming pool has been postponed twice.  It is so muddy & wet the men couldn't work.

 Ann has been going to Bible school this week and has really enjoyed it.  Summer school begins next Wed. morning.  The kids haven't been able to play out much this week so it hasn't been much of a vacation for them.

B has been home a couple of half days this week so we've got a few things done.  We are moved into the big bedroom and are trying to get started on the other bedroom.  The ceiling has to be patched and we'll paint inside the closet.  That has never been done.  I'd like to refinish the desk but I don't know whether we can lighten it or not.

You hadn't told me about the living room furniture.  Beulah had said your house looked prettier than it ever has but she didn't say what you had done.  She didn't mention Nobel's heart, either.  They have more troubles than anyone I know.  It seems so unfair when they have always been so good.  Can they go on farming?

Did I tell you about the nice present I got?  I gave a talk on Japan last winter for some people & the other day they sent me a beautiful big lazy susan.  The bottom part is wood and has a white covered dish in the middle with three green dishes around it.

We had Quill Club last night and we got home just before another rain began.  The thunder & lightening have been terrible.

Article in Woman's Day, June, 1955

The sun shines off and on so maybe the rain is over.  We had a marvelous rainbow the other night.  I don't ever remember being able to see both ends of one at the same time.  This was a complete arch.

We hope you both have a nice Father's Day and wish we could be there.  We are planning to come home around July 4th but will know later."

                                      Lots of love,



  1. Ann does the family still have the Lazy Susan that Bonnie wrote about in this letter?

  2. I don't know whatever became of the Lazy Susan and I hadn't thought of it for years until I read this letter. I didn't realize where it came from until now.


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