Wednesday, October 30, 2013

December 6, 1958 The Potluck, The Two Coats, The Shopping, The Education Wives and The Hall Walls

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Saturday again!  The days go so fast I can't keep up.  We had our potluck supper last night so I'm a little mixed up.  It is usually on Saturday.  B has gone to school for the day.  There is a big meeting going on and we have to go to a tea this afternoon for a new Dr. the University has hired.  Bob is watching TV and waiting for Bruce to come.  That's his farm pal.  They are going to have lunch here & then go to a movie.  Ann has gone shopping with a friend.  She took most of her money so no telling what she'll come back with.

We ordered two coats for her and she has had a terrible time choosing between them.  As soon as she made up her mind we wrapped and mailed the other one back.  I can't see why there is such a difference in price in the catalogs & stores.  We ordered this one from Sears and it is better quality and cheaper than the ones in the Sears Peoria store.  The Sears store here doesn't sell clothes anymore.

I had a nice letter from Bessie.  I guess they left Thurs., as planned.  I really didn't expect an answer to my Xmas letter but was glad to hear from her.  We'll mail Francis's children their gifts.  We just got books for them all--even cloth books for Patty.  I just about have my shopping done but haven't started writing cards.  That is such a job.

I entertain the Education Wives next week so I have to do a little extra cleaning.  My hall walls are awful.

We probably will come home on Tuesday, the 23rd.  B's mother is planning her party on Xmas Eve as usual but you probably have already talked to her.

I must stop & get to work.  Hope you both are fine and keeping warm.  It's terribly cold here."

                                Lots of love,


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