Thursday, October 31, 2013

December 14, 1958 Snappy, Overtired, Fun and Real Lucky

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It's snappy today.  It was 3 below when we got up but the temp. is going up a tiny bit now that the sun is out.  B has taken the children to Bloomington for the day--or a big part of it anyway.  They wanted to do some shopping and I am invited to a luncheon so he's going to let them eat downtown, too.  They may come home with the Xmas tree.

I have been down at the church working on costumes for the Xmas program.  The girl who was supposed to do it is sick so we all had to help out a little.

B and I were hosts for a church supper last night.  He helped me fix the tables at noon yesterday and then I set the dishes on by myself.   We took bread and butter and made the coffee.  The rest was pot luck.  Bob didn't go with us because it was Bruce's birthday and he went home with him for supper.

This has really been a full week.  I've been trying to get my Xmas cards done but am still working on them.

I got overtired so spent Thursday in bed.  My throat was sore that morning and I couldn't stay up.  I'm all right now but a little wobbly.  I missed a band program at school that Bob was in and the Quill club Xmas party but simply couldn't stay up.

Our dime store purchase, 89¢

The Clarinetist
I didn't realize this paper was so thin.  It's hard to read this so I'll start a new page.

My party Wed. night was real nice.  We each told about a Xmas family custom or a Christmas idea.  It was fun.  That was all the program.

We still plan to come home on Dec. 23 so I probably won't write again before then.  It depends upon the weather how early we start so I have no idea when we'll get there.

Hope your cold is better.  We've been real lucky so far."



Thanks for reading another year of letters!


  1. Oooh, that classic red Pendleton jacket is so wonderfully pretty and perfect for the holiday season. I'm allergic to wool (it gives me hives), so I've held off on ever buying a Pendleton, as much as I'd love one. Sometimes though, I think to myself that I should juts take the plunge and wear it with a turtle neck (or other high necked top) and gloves. Maybe one day. :)

    Thinking of you, sweet Ann, and hoping so very much that you and your family have a frighteningly fun Halloween celebration!

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Hi Ann! Thanks so much for the nice comments over on 'No Pattern', I appreciate it!

    Your blog looks just amazing.....chronicling 40 years of letters is right up my alley....I just love stuff like that! I'll be back................

  3. Sara, I'm delighted to have your comment! Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy taking a look at the letters! They're not always exciting, but they sure do represent daily life in decades past!


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