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November 2, 1957 The Giant Pumpkin, The Flowers, The Manuscript, The P.T.A. and The Mother-Daughter Dresses

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"With a basement full of roller skating kids I don't know whether I can write sensibly or not.

Today is cloudy & rainy but we have had some beautiful days.  Last Sunday afternoon we worked in the yard--raking, pulling up frozen plants and just cleaning up.  We need to rake again now for leaves blew from across the street.

Ann was home from school two days with a cold.  She probably could have gone on but there has been so much flu that I didn't want to take a chance.  Both children had Halloween parties at school & then the Watterson kids came in and they all went out together that night.  They really had a time.  They had to have a jack-o-lantern & we waited till the last minute to buy a pumpkin because one is usually given to us.  I had to hunt for one & the thing cost me .90 so I'm cooking it today & we'll have pies out of it.  It is so big I'll probably have to can some of it.

Edna called for me to come after some flowers.  Mine are almost gone so I'll go up & get some.

I got my manuscript mailed Thurs. and am anxious to hear what they say about it.  There is a Pen Women's book workshop in Normal next Thurs. and I'm going to take my manuscript & go for a while.  That will be an awful day because there is so much going on but I'll get it done some way for I want their suggestions.  Our big P.T.A. supper is that night.  I have to donate two cakes & then help serve from 4:45 on.  The kids both have piano lessons that afternoon too, & then there is a P.T.A. meeting after the supper.  I won't be able to get out of bed Friday.

Some of our missionary friends from Japan are in Urbana now & we want to go see them soon.  They are about your age or older & are home on leave.  They don't have a car but we'd like to get them over here some way.

The kids have been doing the leaves in wax paper too, & they are pretty.  Bob fixed some for his Scout work.

We still have all of the turtles--one is in a glass bowl in the kids' room & the rest are in a pen in the basement.

Your dress looks pretty but I'll bet it's hard to work with.  I have some cotton material to make a mother-daughter dress for us but haven't cut it yet.  I got some flannelette for Ann some P.J.s too when I can get a pattern.

Hope you both are fine."

                                  Lots of love,


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