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March 30, 1958 A Great Week of Clubs, Cleaning and Communion

Look, Feb. 18, 1958

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Easter vacation begins tomorrow and I guess the town will be pretty quiet for awhile.  The kids are ready for a vacation but I think we all need some warm, sunny weather.

B is working upstairs again tonight and has been doing it every night this week.  The work is slow now and you can't see much progress.  I haven't had time to do a thing up there but hope I can next week.  Ann's Easter dress is ready to wear but I want to fit my last year's suit skirt better before Easter.  It has always been too big.  I'd like to get a new blouse, too, but that will be all.  I want a new hat but I may not get it before Easter.

This week has been a great one.  We had a scout meeting Tuesday night that was a long one.  A woman showed slides on Alaska and they were good but she didn't know when to stop.  It went on and on.

Our women's group at church had a special communion service Wed. night and I was on the committee.  We set the tables in the afternoon and this was at night.  We made the tables into a big cross.  In the very center we had a big white plastic foam cross with an open Bible in front of it and then white candles all along the center of the tables.  At each place we put a little white paper doily.  During the short worship time in the chapel one of the girls put the bread and wine on each doily.  The minister conducted the communion.  It was very nice.  They have it every year but I've never gone before.

After that I went to a club meeting.  Then Thursday afternoon the Education Wives met and Quill club met that night.  Today I've been trying to clean the house a little but didn't get far.  The windows were so dusty I stopped to wash them on the inside so I'll have to finish cleaning tomorrow afternoon.  The kids have a recital in the morning.

The kids dyed a few eggs tonight.  I couldn't talk Ann out of it and they did have fun.  If they will just let us eat them it will be all right.

I wish we could come home too but that is out.  Dean Larsen is taking part of his vacation now so they can see some of their family who live in the Phillipines and are home for awhile.  B probably will come home a little earlier this week but he'll have to be on the job every day.

We hope you both are fine."

                         Lots of love,


NOTE:  In early 1958, the film starring Lee Marvin, Missouri Traveler, was in the theaters.  I can't imagine it competing with South Pacific, released at about the same time.  If interested, watch Missouri Traveler below, in its entirety and the original trailer to South Pacific.    I can still hear soundtrack to South Pacific playing at full volume and our dad singing along.

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