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March 22, 1958 Unusually Quiet, So Cold, A Little Sewing and Sawdust Everywhere

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"B has gone to a meeting and the kids are in bed so it is unusually quiet tonight.  It is still so cold that the spring clothes in the store windows look awfully silly.  It manages to snow a little most every day, too.

I want to do a little sewing next week if I can.  Belshes sent Ann an Easter dress I want to make.  It is pink with a silver thread in it--looks like gingham but I don't know what it is.  I bought a new pattern--size 8--today.  She has grown so much this winter.

We have almost worked ourselves down this week.  B has worked late at night trying to get something done upstairs.  The walls are all sanded and he has started staining it.  I sanded all the finish off Bob's old desk and we stained it like the walls so Ann can have it in her room.  We wonder if we'll ever get the sawdust out of the house.  It is everywhere.

Bob still has a cold but it is lots better.  Mine is about gone.  It was in my sinuses and my head felt like it was going to split last Monday.  I had to give that talk and show slides that night which didn't help much but I did all right.

Ann's room gave a play this morning so I spent the morning at school.

I know your bathroom looks nice.  We haven't even thought about our tile yet and probably won't for a long time.  It makes me tired to even think of it.

Granny Gibson will be 95 in a few days so I want to write her a letter.  I owe so many letters.  She has written me two since I wrote to her last.

B has decided not to go to the Philosophy meeting at Easter time.  He'll have Good Friday weekend off but will have to work the rest of the time.  It is the first time he has missed that meeting since we came here, I think.

Take care of yourselves."

                      Lots of love,


NOTE:  Almost anytime you see the phrase,"a dress", you can assume it means fabric to make a dress, unless otherwise noted.  And as for my grandparents' bathroom, I have to say it was my all time favorite.  It was tiled in white, except for the floor of black and white, with white towels on which small black penguins had been embroidered.   The bathroom was shared by 2 bedrooms and had a door on each side so that it could be entered from either room.  There was a large skeleton key in each door and I thought it was great fun locking and unlocking each one.

For more about Granny from an earlier post:

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