Tuesday, September 17, 2013

January 11, 1958 Talking on Japan, Cleaning Each Day, Working Upstairs and A Huge Batch of T.V. Mix

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We're into the swing of things again and up to our ears, as usual.  I'm hostess for one of our church groups Monday night and have the program to give.  I guess I'll be ready by the time the women start arriving but I sometimes wonder.  The program is on Japan and then I have two more talks on Japan coming up.

I've tried to do a little bit toward cleaning each day but it's slow progress.  I waxed the hall floor yesterday and almost wished I hadn't.  The rugs slide every time you step on them.

Bob is still coughing but is all right.  He stayed all night in the country last night & I haven't heard from him this morning.  Ann has a little friend here.  She had to have company since Bob was gone.  She has a cold now but maybe she won't be sick with it--I hope.

We're going to start work upstairs in about two weeks.  A carpenter was here to see about it this week but he's on another job right now.  He'll do only the carpentry and we'll do the floor tiling and the bath.  We think we'll tile (plastic) the whole bathroom--ceiling too.  We'll use the 8" tiles on the ceiling.

We'd love to have all of you come some weekend and anytime is all right with us.  B wouldn't get to see you much but wouldn't anytime until summer.  He'd have Sat. afternoon & Sunday off, of course.

This afternoon we have to look for a pre-built desk for upstairs.  We ordered the drawers for Bob's room but that's all.

I saw the Joplin article.  It was good.  I've been working on a child's story but it isn't ready to send out yet.  I wish I could sell one for a fancy price.  I took it to Quill Club for criticism & they liked it.

I made a batch of Marjorie's T.V. Mix and had a time finding anything to bake it in.  Started it in the roaster but had to use the dishpan to get everything in it.

We drove to Urbana last Sunday to see our missionary friends.  They were so happy to see us and we enjoyed seeing them.

I must get to work."

                        Lots of love,


NOTE:  First photo was taken in Nishinomiya, the others are of Tokyo, all 1953 Kodachrome slides.
And as for the Chex Mix, it was a favorite of the students in the neighborhood as well as the whole family and this recipe makes enough for a fraternity.  If there was any more room left in the baking pans, an extra can of peanuts or mixed nuts was added.

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